Knot Now? Why Knot?

24 Oct

Artist: Ed Bing Lee/Photo: Ken Yanoviak

Club Creative Studio shares information about the creative process.  Read about a creative Fiber Artist.

Today’s post is an artist’s highlight post of the art of Ed Bing Lee.  He is a creative Fiber Artist who was born in 1933 in San Francisco.  Ed Bing Lee has a love and devotion for knotting fibers into wonderful works of art.  His nimble fingers are spinning golden works to be admired.

If you have ever thought that you were too busy to tend to someone else’s needs and were perhaps asked to share your time, you may have answered: “Not now, I am busy!” Chances are, if Ed Bing Lee were to say that, he could literally mean it.  If he does “knot” now, he is “busy”. His art has a focus on hand-knotting and twisting fibers into art forms.

Artist Ed Bing Lee often uses images of contemporary food found from advertizing art and transforms that into his knotted three dimensionally formed sculptural forms.  He seems to enjoy his creations because they require little specialized equipment to create.  He has dedicated time to his knotted creations since 1970.

To view a video about this artist, see him in his studio, at work on a project and alongside a gallery display please click on the link where you will find out more about his knotted art from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, Philadelphia. I look at his art as another way to get “good fiber” from his “created food”! 

Thank you for stopping by to learn about the handiwork of a talented artist. I hope he has motivated you to do something creative with your hands today.

Artist: Ed Bing Lee/Photo: Ken Yanoviak


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