Ten Steps to Become An Explorer

20 Oct

Club Creative Studio encourages you to be creative or appreciate the creative efforts of others around you. Learn how to be an explorer of the world around you.
If you need ideas to help you capture the creativity around you, please read on.

1. Be on the look-out for creativity. Just open your eyes to notice the world and its elements around you. Soon you will find yourself naturally exploring for more details.

2. Notice the less obvious. Be aware of what is below and above you and all things in between. Sometimes we over-look things that are right before our eyes or on the ground beneath our feet or above our arm-length reach. Dare to be aware!

3. Details, details, details. Consider even the smallest things to be interesting.

4. Change is good. Consider looking in an unconventional location for creativity.

5. Dig deeper. Look closely and more carefully for creative ways and works. Find a more meaningful reason to how and why creativity was expressed or displayed.

6. Creativity is all around. Observe your surroundings and learn to make connections to your world from the actual creators. Creativity has a variety and vast range of appeal.

7. Document your thoughts, photos, and research so that you have a record of your findings for later reflection, inspiration, or interpretation. Use your field notes to recall in print what you appreciate, and what you have learned.

8. Use your senses to investigate your world. You never know what you can pick up naturally when you focus on the many different ways observation can take place.

9. Ask questions. Learn the history or background of what interest you encounter. Make exploration about learning.

10. Expect the unexpected. Make it a conscious choice to find something new and intersesting around you.


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