Twelve Miles = 1 Chocolate Bar

8 Oct

Today’s post somehow will end up talking about Club Creative Studio’s creativity I PROMISE!

Running for chocolate.

I recently started running again and sometimes more than other days it is a challenge to just fit it into a day.  There is some element of sacrifice for the time, physical and mental preparation involved in running any distance.

When I am able to feel like I have the time for a long run, it is a mental game for me to think that after a successful run, I shall want and need to reward myself.  When I do accomplish the task of running the distance of ten miles, I might think that a giant cupcake, candy bar or hot dog or two could be a favorable reward. I also might feel good enough to try on and purchase new clothes.  I depends what reward I can afford. It’s a much-needed motivational technique as a reward system.

Sometimes you need to visualize that special treat in front of you that pushes you to get where you want to be in the end.  When you have a creative block, you need to know what you can do to trigger the motivation you need.

This is a comparison to my creative workday as well in many aspects.  On any given day, I might have a project or group of projects that require a hefty work session.  With total focus and non-existent interruptions a workday and a successful run can both have successful outcomes.  But, if I get stuck or don’t feel like creating, I have to play a little trick on myself that helps me get to the point I need to be. I will happily run and work for chocolate squares!

For my visual, and tactile trick I take a chocolate bar and break it apart along all of the little rectangle perforations. 


For each task I complete, I get to EAT that small section of chocolate!  Believe me, bit by bit you can get a lot of tasks completed, or a lot of miles (12) ran, when you have several separate reward sections to work toward.  Do you have system or reward that works for you?  Maybe you will want to try to run for chocolate?  Does something you do or think about keep you going in the right direction, or do you run aimlessly or try to get out of your task at hand?  What motivates you into working creatively at the speed that you want or need to?

For my visualized reward of my creative time, I can also find satisfaction in knowing that whatever I create, someone else can enjoy it, appreciate it and wear or use it.  Because that is so important to me, to create everyday is not as much a task as it is a process.

Much like the “runner’ s high” the best time in creation is the time where you totally get lost in what you are doing.  Nothing else matters and nothing else gets in the way of your creative flow.  Every project large or small, easy or complicated, successful or not is a creative process to be proud of.   Happily, as I continue to create and run I play the needed mind games that push me to success.

Continue to challenge and reward yourself in your creative endeavors it is the difference between showing up and showing off. Get to your next level by doing and then do even more.  You too can be productive and creative every day!  Try doing something this weekend that will jump-start or motivate you into keeping a focus. Being creative will help add to the fun of any task.  I write this as I am behind in my 31 day blog challenge.  Writing every day is sometimes difficult but with permission from the inner you what matters in the end is that you DO instead of DON’T.

Challenge yourself to not leave a “blank” in your life when you have the control to fill-up an area with your creativeness!  I leave you with this fun photo I found from a friend’s Facebook post.  It is a reminder to do what you can when you can do it, or you will be left with a blank… an unfinished thought or vision.  Best of luck keeping the promises you make to yourself!


2 Responses to “Twelve Miles = 1 Chocolate Bar”

  1. Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA October 9, 2011 at 8:12 AM #

    Whatever motivates, works.


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    […] Twelve Miles = 1 Chocolate Bar ( […]

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