From Paper Comes Products

8 Oct

Club Creative Studio’s blog posts focus on CREATIVITY.  How exciting to know that this is a topic that can go in many different directions.  Today, as I continue to highlight the theme of recycling, reusing and repurposing I have a few items to admire that you can also mimic with your own sence of style.

From a company founded in  2008 located in the UK, Fresh Cargo is based around the principle of creating Funky Fair Trade products from fashion to homeware. I share two items they have for sale.

Their items are said to be eco-friendly because they say: “Our green mill housewares are brought to you by Fresh Cargo. This product is made from recycled magazines in Indonesia, where the team has great working conditions, paid above the minimum wage, paid healthcare, regularly retrained and encouraged to develop their own designs”.

You will notice that the magazines are cut or rolled then applied to a photo frame base in an interesting manner.  You may want to try your hand at creating these projects at home yourself or with the help or supervision of creative children in your home or classroom.  You will need to have imagination, magazines or newspapers, an adhesive and scissors.  Basicly, that is it.  Cut or torn sections from a newspaper or magazine leave endless opportunities for use of print and pictures to be incorporated into your art.  Special note to color and design are considerations too.  Although this can be a happy accident to combine the separate and random areas, they can also be planned to make a certain design that is both pleasing and spontaneous.  Adhesives to use can be regular white glue or an acrylic based gloss coating.

With magazine pages or newspapers cut to the same size, you can proceed to hand-roll the pages to form many individual hollow log forms.  Perhaps using a pencil as a form to roll the paper around will allow you to roll consistent sized paper logs. Then, when you have collected many of these”paper logs” you can use them more creatively.

After rolling the paper around the pencil, the pencil can be gently removed as long as the paper is not wound too tightly.  With the log collection, you can then stack the “magazine logs” side by side and adhere them together with a light stripe of school glue together.  Connecting each log to form the shape you need end to the body base of the paper log.

Close-up of rolled paper used to decorate this frame.

Begin to form, the shape that you want and let your imagination take hold.  Use the paper to make a sculpture-like item, functional or decorative.  Ask neighbors and friends who discard their magazines to help you by passing along the colorful papers for you to experiment with. Recycle with purpose!

As I sit in the library typing this blog, it occurred to me that they have many magazines here.  I asked a staff member what the procedure was to discard outdated magazines and newspapers.  Their answer: Newspapers automatically go out to the recycle bin and the magazines go to our local Red Cross Association.
If a specific organization requests magazines there should be a point of contact within the reference department for such inquiries.
Happy creating with recycled paper items.  Reuse them creatively and repurpose them in to art!

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