Creativity- Love Hate Relationship

6 Sep

This Two-Cent Tuesday post is just about me adding my “two cents” to the subject matter at hand: University of Maryland  Football.  They showed us newly designed uniforms on Monday Night and those watching all have opinions, I am sure.  When we have an opportunity to be critics, we do.  Creativity is a real love/hate relationship. We sometimes are very intense with our strong reactions of love and hate.  The uniforms caused quite a stir. Why? Because they are among many things unique. Some even have gone on to say distracting.  What do you think?

Gene Sweeney, Jr. photo

The creative design by Under Armor is a national topic of conversation. The design based on two family crests from the state flag and split down the middle with gold and black checkerboard design.  Do you love it or hate it?

The whole package was reveled with player cleats, pants, jerseys, helmets, sleeves and gloves. To say the least it was an eye-catching attire and this style had never been seen in college football.  Highlighted by a helmet and shoulder design based off the Calvert (black and yellow) and Crossland (red and white) arms of the Maryland state flag. The jersey numbers, cleats and gloves all featured a custom state-flag print, and some players sported shooting sleeves that mimicked the shoulder designs. truly unique.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Terps’ never-before-seen threads supposedly debuted minutes before the game started. That a new combination even existed surprised many — the program had unveiled four jerseys, four pants and two helmets two weeks ago, but coach Randy Edsall held off on one design.  Many have spouted off their opinions of this new look and most of them weren’t exactly complimentary.

Creating a buzz is what’s great about college football, they have gotten much attention from this.  At one point last night, “Maryland,” “Terps” and “Under Armor” were all trending nationally on Twitter, while “Maryland” stood as No. 1 on Google Trends.  I have mixed feelings.

As an artist I love the national attention of the design.  I love the concept of including the flag into the design and I love the design of the uniform taking shape from paper to fabric. However, I dislike the color combinations on the same uniform, I do not like the visual distraction as a whole and I do not like that the focus is a backlash of a creative person’s vision.  Not to mention that I don’t really watch football- I did watch because of the fashion aspect included in the game last night though.  Gotta love creativity!


3 Responses to “Creativity- Love Hate Relationship”

  1. Roberta September 6, 2011 at 7:12 PM #

    There has been so much talk around the changing uniforms of different teams lately. I had not thought about it from the point of view you expressed here but am glad you shared it. A new side to a situation

  2. Leona Martin September 6, 2011 at 2:59 PM #

    The pictures aren’t that clear, but it looks very odd and unusual. I’d have to see one where there isn’t any action to see it better. Not sure I like the helmet to match the clothes like that. What was the reasoning behind the change and chosen outfit?

  3. Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA September 6, 2011 at 2:01 PM #

    First, you should know that UnderArmour is a local company (to Maryland), so it fits that they would be involved.
    Secondly, while uniforms may be an attractive component (and a source of lucrative funds for the university and provider of the fan-junk that emulates the real McCoy) of a team, it’s its creativity ON THE FIELD OF PLAY that should excite us. Did they use new plays? Did they react to events in the moment to capitalize on errors?
    We should not care if they wore mink stoles or tutus. Since this is a football team, it’s how they played the game. The same would apply to a corporation (did IBM do better when everyone wore a white shirt and a thin tie? I think not), a baseball team, or an army…

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