Creative Everyday Challenge 2011

1 Sep

Creative Everyday Challenge 2011- Week 1

I recently found a site that has a few great running challenges for the creative type.  The link (s) are on the Club Creative Studio Blog.  Just look for the cute square logos at the bottom right side of the page. It is a challenge to do something creative everyday which is PERFECT for me since I already do this and it is my business mantra.

Since that is not really a challenge because I do have that “everyday” aspect under control, I am taking advantage of the creative prompts to use as suggestions in future work.  This yearly challenge will hopefully inspire me to think deeper in to certain aspects of my art.  It will be a great exercise.

Once I am ready to post any art that has stemmed from this specific challenge, I will post the item number of art found online on Club Creative Studio’s website.  You have the opportunity to purchase it or suggest it to others.  Thank you in advance for your views and comments about what you see or appreciate about the meaning behind the art.

Wrapping up the August challenge is use of the color RED.  Those items recently posted are easy to spot if you look online at any given time.  For this first week,  August 29-Sept. 04, the challenge is to interpret HISTORY into my art.  The item is complete and here are a few photos of the item code: W00044 from: Enjoy art from week 1.

Week 1: CED Challenge 2011

The necklace has a strand of mini faux pearls and seed beads alternating in silver and copper tones, the second strand has multiple lime green glass square chips with yellow crackle glass round beads and silver tone spacer beads. The strand with the pendant attached is a mixture of painted acrylic orange beads with pink faux pearls flanking them.

The pendant is hand-made on a metal base and contains many symbolic items to coincide with the HISTORY CHALLENGE theme.
The ribbon rose and metal leaf stand for the flowers and trees that have many stages shown to us in a short amount of time.  The gears stand for elements of time and a ticking clock, the hearts remind us of love found and lost, the egg and bird symbolize life at different stages in time. The pearls show us that we have historically put value into a precious and rare small item.

Enjoy even more items in the ever-changing inventory. I love creating ans sharing ART THAT SETS YOU APART!

One-of-a-kind Art


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