Beautiful Baby-Inside and Out

18 Aug

If you are looking for a read with a focus on creativity you have landed on the right place.  Today’s TNT post (This-N-That) post is creative.

I have found many areas to blog about that deal with many different types of creativity.  This is another unique and creative topic.  Take a look at what has been popular for many mothers-to-be.  It is known as “body casting”, “body  molding”, or “body masking” to name a few.

Hold off if you have any reservations or opinions about the photos shared here.  Behind these creations are very personal and meaningful stories. Basicly,  it is a plaster form of a pregnant woman’s abdomen.  Often times breasts, shoulders, hands, arms and thighs, etc. are also included in the sculpture form.  This three-dimensional plaster sculpture is a unique and safe way to capture the transformation of an expectant mother’s body shape during her pregnancy.

Purposeful to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece of art to keep forever, the casts are often times made to be displayed as art.  A belly cast can capture and preserve the special time in a woman’s pregnancy and in the child’s life.  It commemorates and honors the miracle of life.  As far as resources go you can find on the internet people who provide this service, tips and advice for the process, materials for the do-it-your-self artist, cast kits, books and even instructional videos.

There is no “best-time” to consider a belly cast however, it is suggested that the time that determines the most shapely point possible is between 35-38 weeks in pregnancy.

More about the process:

Bare skin works best but, one can plaster over a bra.  

It is a messy project.  Tile floor is the best surface with a drop cloth included during the process.  A chair is sometimes needed or one may opt to stand where one can also lean.

The time frame for the belly cast project may be up to one hour or longer.  Petroleum jelly is used to cover the body surface before the plaster strips are added in layers.  At removal, up to one half additional hour is needed for drying time, reinforcing weak areas and clean-up  and reshaping of edges. It is best to have the cast set for about a week before you begin to sand, paint or drill holes for display purposes.

Many avenues  can be researched to provide the casting phase which can start at $70.00.  Likewise, if you hire a professional to custom paint your casting prices will also vary. I did notice one posting that the artist charges in the range of $120.00- $240.00 to decorate it.

This is known to be a baby shower keepsake, and as a work of art, a mother-to-be may enjoy the personalization idea herself.  To offer additional suggestions on what to do with such an item, consider the following ideas.



Decorate it with Photographs

Paste quality photographs of family members or copies of your ultrasound pictures in a collage design.


Make it a “Birth Certificate”

Make the belly cast into a birth certificate by writing the baby’s vital statistics on it after they are born like this: Name:___Birthdate:___ Time:____ Height:___Weight:____ Birthplace:____Doctor’s name:_____Foot Print Area:_____First Photo Area:_____

 Incorporate  Nursery Theme

You can decorate your belly casting art to match your baby room theme or use the colors to coordinate for your wall art.  Perhaps adding the calligraphy of the lyrics to a favorite baby lullaby or poem can also be added as decoration.







More Belly Casting Art Decorating Ideas

Paint it in bronze colored paint so that it resembles a bronzed item.

 Have family and friends sign it and write personal messages to your baby on it.

Drill adequate holes for hanging in a safe place in the nursery. 

Acrylic paints dry quickly and you may also spray or paint an acrylic coating for protection from scratches. Are you ready to beautify your baby in the womb from the outside of it?  Good luck expressing  creativity, but most of all best wishes for a happy life with your new addition to your family.


4 Responses to “Beautiful Baby-Inside and Out”

  1. clubcreativestudio August 31, 2011 at 2:28 PM #

    I wonder who the first person to ever think about this was. In college we casted legs arms and a face to make a group sculpture for an art exhibit and this brought back great memories of that experience. We did not paint our completed casting though we just left it white.

  2. clubcreativestudio August 31, 2011 at 2:25 PM #

    I am pretty sure that you can paint on JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. So it seems.

  3. Nikki Carmouche August 19, 2011 at 12:05 AM #

    These are beautiful and I didn’t realize they could be painted on and decorated. This may be a new creative trend.

  4. Roberta August 18, 2011 at 6:35 PM #

    Well definitely a novel way of keeping a memory. Not sure I would have considered it but a pregnant women is beautiful for sure.

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