I Am Flippin’ Out Here!

16 Aug

For the Two-Cent Tuesday post I need reassurance that it is alright to “Flip Out”.

Sometimes this term of “flipping out” refers to when a person goes bonkers or crazy over something, they get out of control.  As to suddenly become excited, frightened or crazed.  When I thought about  this blog idea, it “flipped me out”.  Let’s talk about Flip-Flops!

Summertime is the most common time that we see persons wearing flip-flops.  They are carefree and cool for summertime feet exposure.  And now-a-days they are common-place and acceptable attire for footwear in most situations/occasions.  Although they should not take the place of a nice dress shoe or heel, no matter how nice they seem or how well they are made (in my opinion).

Flip-flop sandals can also be a  fashion and creative statement as well.  They can be purchased to be inexpensive or can be pricey depending on the materials used, the bling attached or the store that provides the sale.  Do you have happy feet because of your flip-flops?

Flip-flops for the most part are cheap and are known as cheerful staples of summer wardrobes, normally costing less than $20.00 in U.S. funds.  I have even seen them in the $1.oo type stores.  So, they are widely available to the public in general, not rare by any means.

So, what can be so special about any pair, then, which will set one shopper back a sick $18,000?

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Chipkos today announces the release of a one-of-a-kind pair of sandals.

Made by Chipkos, ‘the world’s most expensive flip-flops’ feature hand-painted art by renowned LA-based artist, David Palmer. But other than that, they look pretty normal.

If you are convinced to pay this price for these flip-flops, the funds do go to a good cause.  By buying the $18,000 pair, Chipkos pledges to adopt 100,000 square feet of  endangered rainforest ‘for the protection and preservation of land, species and natural resources.’ 

Maybe this will be your summer splurge?  While the art is beautiful and the cause is kind-hearted and sound…can you be artistic as well?

By designing your own flip-flops, you can also add your personal, unique touch.  Paint with acrylics to create a colorful sandal of your own.


Not really known as a great painter?  

Willing to part with your buttons?

Can you tie a knot? 

There are many ideas to try when you are decorating flip-flop sandals. How about using glue to attach buttons onto the sandal strap? 

Willing to try out a tying technique?  My daughter and her cousin made the balloon flip-flops during a summer visit and they made them quickly for themselves and for friends.

Image: craftcrave.net

  • 1.  Empty water balloons from their package and lay them out in a single row on your working surface. If you’ve chosen a multicolored assortment of balloons, move them around until the color arrangement pleases you.
  • 2.  Flip every other balloon and position them so that the mouthpiece ends alternate with the rounded ends. Keep them in a single row. This will be the order you will use when attaching the balloons to the flip flops.
  • 3.  Push the mouthpiece end of the first balloon under a flip flop’s strap.
  • 4.  Even the ends of the balloon and tie them loosely around the strap with a single knot. Push the balloon all the way to where the strap meets the sole. Tighten the knot as much as you can without breaking the balloon. If the knot is tight enough, you won’t have to worry about the balloon coming off. 
  • 5.  Push the rounded part of the next balloon under the flip flop’s strap. Repeat Step 4. Shove this balloon tightly against the one next to it.

Continue adding balloons by repeating Steps 3, 4 and 5 to cover the flip flop strap’s entire surface. The most important thing to remember is to bunch the balloons together as tightly as you can to give the appearance of fullness.

Even more challenging are straps that are crocheted.  I suggest the book: Happy Feet Flip Flops by Jennine Korejko.  Great Ideas.Crochet Happy-Feet Flip-Flops

5 Responses to “I Am Flippin’ Out Here!”

  1. clubcreativestudio August 31, 2011 at 2:30 PM #

    I am more of a tennis shoe kid of gal than flip flops but, you can’t blame anyone for wanting an easy style that is not complicated or expensive. Flip flops are popular to many in our world even if they do know them as a different term.

  2. Lynn Brown August 18, 2011 at 5:19 AM #

    Love my flip flops Veronica! But I have to tell you that I have some ‘dressy’ flip flops that did cost more than $20.00 but $18,000, that is truly a ‘designer’ flip flop!

    I really enjoyed all the ideas you share Veronica on how to decorate your own flip flops! It seems that they have become so popular, probably because they are comfortable and generally very affordable. A tshirt, jeans and flip flops – that is all you need!

  3. Samantha Bangayan August 18, 2011 at 4:32 AM #

    WOW! =) Those balloon flip flops are so cool! =) I’m moving to the Peruvian coast and will need some more creative ideas like these, Veronica! =) Love this post! =)

  4. Maureen Hunter August 17, 2011 at 2:29 AM #

    Love the balloon flip flops, or thongs as they are known in Australia. I have heaps of pairs and wear them all the time. There is no way I would pay that much for a pair of thongs, have people lost their mind along with their money!!!

  5. Roberta August 16, 2011 at 8:28 PM #

    In NZ they are called Jandals and they are worn almost all year round (except right now when we have snow – unheard of in Auckland). Love some of the designs you created.
    Unfortunately, my toes do not like the flip flop so I will just admire yours

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