When $ Does Grow on Trees

10 Aug

Our THIS-N-THAT Thursday post highlights a creative thought and awakens your imagination to consider creating using this inspiration.  Take this idea that stems from almost nothing and transform it into the perfect gift for a special person and special occasion.

When candy or flowers aren’t appropriate for gift-giving consider making an inventive and appreciated gift.  A Money Tree.  It is a great gift if someone has allergies to the traditional gift of flowers or are living in a place where plants can not be displayed. It is also a custom-made gift where your creative contributions can not be replicated in the design of the gift. Perhaps the one you wish to gift is “someone who has everything”, has a limited living space, is relocating or you are unsure of their particular taste and style. You can use your creativity to please them first and foremost.  The best aspect of making a money tree is that you still have total control of the actual cost of the gift.  You may choose to include folded dollar amounts in any denomination and the design will still be appealing.  Using $1, $5, $10. or $20 in United States domestic funds will have a value associated with the tree creation but, the design will be the same no matter what monetary amount of bill you decide to use.  Perhaps you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday.  While $50.00 may not go a long way if you bought a traditional gift from a department store, placing 50 decoratively folded paper bills will look impressive.


If we have ever had the opportunity to say. “Money does not grow on trees”.  We know that we have had good reason to think the thought or say the saying.  Afterall, we have all probably heard that statement at least once in our life-time right?  Consider running with that thought in a creative direction.  Make a custom gift that you can place meaning behind and invite others to contribute, saving even more.

What is a money tree gift?  A money tree gift  is a hand-made creation that resembles a tree shape and incorporates actual folded paper dollars into the design.  It can be a very personalized and unique sediment gift.  Sometimes we may feel that giving the gift of money is a bit impersonal although practical.  Money envelopes or gift certificate cards can seem boring and uneventful, although useful as well.

A money tree creation gift is an instant smile-maker because it is using recognizable items (paper money) and presents it in an unexpected manner.  The finished creation can be admired for a time and then can be disassembled as needed. You can let your imagination soar  by creating a memorable money tree theme, using color themes, adding personality with ribbons, photos, or other special touches.  If you are hooked on the idea of making a tree but desire to have others contribute to the cause, make a tree with blank envelopes attached as the “leaf” having other guests add their separate contributions. 

Ready to create a unique gift for someone special? Here are some suggestions to get you started.  Let your own imagination go wild.

What you may need:

  • base wood block, cardboard, or tile square
  • tree element shape such as wood elements, wire assemblage, or colorful pipe cleaners twisted
  • adhesives something strong enough to mount the tree shape to the base
  • ribbon and scissors for tying the folded bills and securing them to the tree branch shapes
  • an array of paper bill monies
  • table for folding and creasing the bills and to use as your work space
  • envelopes and markers if you are adding money anonymously by placing bills inside an envelope not folding
  • camera for taking a photo of your beautiful creation
  • additional decorative objects to complete or detail the theme
  • marker to for your artistic signature


What you do:

Once you have decided how you want to construct your over-all tree form and design and have secured it to a base, you will want to gather your bills for folding and tying.  Start by folding the bill in half and fold that portion back and forth like an accordion fold, flipping the bill over to the opposite side with each fold completed.  Crease a few times so that the fold is crisp.  A popsicle stick would work wonders here for rubbing the fold sharp.  Then you may open up the bill and tie around the center portion of the bill, being gentle to squeeze the middle section together to form a butterfly- like shape.  Keep creating the folded bills and continue to add them to the branches and before you know it the TREE has grown!  The leaves (folded bills) are placed in random areas but, be sure to have them displayed in a somewhat balanced design as to not allow the tree to topple over.  Add additional theme objects to complete the over-all feel you desire.

Good luck making your money tree and keep this idea in mind anytime you want to stand out in your gift-giving gestures.

Coco Chanel once said: To be irreplaceable you have to be different.

Maybe you want to create something even more different?  How about a candy tree, a secret note tree, or  tree filled with pairs of earrings?

Being different means to do something out of the norm standing behind it.  This is another suggestion for a creative gift.  Club Creative Studio dares to be different each and every time something is created.  It is always unique and one-of-a-kind. It is different and we want it to be.  It must be so that we can remain irreplaceable as well.  Join the Facebook page to learn more reasons why we pride our art to be unique.  We welcome you to visit the online storefront as the inventory always changes.  Email or call with your special custom requests.  We are always looking to help you make the right decision to share Art That Sets You Apart.  Thank you for reading our Thursday Blog.




2 Responses to “When $ Does Grow on Trees”

  1. clubcreativestudio August 14, 2011 at 1:41 PM #

    Sounds like someone will be very busy. Take photos and share if you make one or even all eight money trees needed. I also have a post coming that is an idea that is an alternative to a flower bouquet. Also, recall the post where my daughter made her own version of the popular fruit bouquet. Best of luck in your creation endeavors- the first step was to have desire to create, so step one was a success.

  2. Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. August 10, 2011 at 3:22 PM #

    What a “Club Creative” idea!
    I plan to do this, but I plan to make a few of them at once, so I won’t be stuck at the last minute, saying “Cra-, I should have done that!”
    I’m also going to add the mantra “Money may not grow on this tree, but it’s nice to see it’s here, anyway….”

    Woo, hoo. Birthday season is upon me (2 this month, 3 next month, 3 the month thereafter). Gifts solved!

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