Balance Your Creativity-Namaste

27 Jul

Are you creatively balanced?  I am not checking if you can walk a tightrope or stand tall and walk with a book on your head.  But, I do want you to know that I can suggest ways to keep you in balance with your continuous creativity efforts.

Two-Cent Tuesday Blog Post

It’s Two-Cent Tuesday.  Usually, I post a low-cost creative idea to admire or try out.  This week, it is a post with different type information.  Hopefully, you have noticed that the last post here was a short while ago.  I gave myself permission to let life happen around me, even though it was out of my routine.  I had to tend to a few different emergency events that took me away from my usual focus of being creative daily.  Although I  still had the same goal of being creative everyday, my creativity had to go in different directions.

As I return to routine, I post today with reasons why it is important to balance your creative life.  We never know when “life happens” that may interrupt  what we want and or need to do creatively.  Maybe this post will be worth more than “two-cents” and help you gain creative balance in your life.  It is important to know how to find your balance in life.

Creative mental fatigue can negatively impact productive creative performance.  Your creative productivity can suffer if your brain is tired.  It can be a challenge to find ways to change your thought process and realize that your body and mind can work together and handle a creative work day or session. Refocus and acknowledge that you’d rather be doing something else, like maybe crashing the couch.  Lean into your creative whims and go to your design space anyway.  Once you get going on your project or creative challenge, even if it is for a short time, it almost always feels better to get back into the swing of using your creative mind again since that is what you may be used to.


You may find it difficult to decide between starting a new project or finishing a previous creation. Some days it may be hard to know what to do without a clear reason to create or continue to create. 

If you can’t answer, Why am I doing this?, your creativity won’t last long.  It is a help to have a focus and drive so that you can work with purpose and productivity if you are using your creativity for more than a hobby.  Try logging your goals and review them often.


You have to be organized on order to be good at several things. By setting aside a specific time for your creativity, you arm yourself with the necessary energy to get through it. And if something comes up unexpectedly, have a prepared plan as a backup to work into the demands that need to be altered from your daily work structure.


If you are crafting alone or usually rely on your own creative instincts to make decisions, you can always try a welcome comment from another person.  You are giving yourself a mental time out when you use your circle of social friends or professionals to help foster motivation.  By keeping certain helpful persons on speed dial, they can help you by giving a pep talk to collaborating with them on creative ideas or price solutions.  Your circle of trusted persons can help you as another energy solution.


Music can be an uplifting motivator.  Besides making you work harder or longer, music also can reduce stress and pass the time.  Music can put you in the creative frame of mind you may need to work for hours at a time.  Music lights up your brain and stimulates you to focus or even can be used to distract you as you get lost in the words or tune.


On the days that you start to get tired of being creative and your mind screams out the negatives of what went wrong that day or how tired you are feeling at the given moment stop your internal debate and find a way to manage the moment.  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.  Once you do a small section of a project or have one small success using your creativity, the chances increase that you will continue and you will always be better for it once you make the first steps. 


Not every day may be the ideal day for you to be creative. The reality is that there will be days when it feels like your hands are filled with cement. Try to shake that tension from your “pick-me-up” notes of inspirational words. Go a new way and get out of the stuck mentality by trying to get into the creative moment.  Maybe it means to move your work desk or design table in a new location.  Dial it down if your mind is completely zapped. Don’t force demanding projects maybe break them up into smaller tasks or dedicate another day for a project.  See your best in yourself.  Rather than focussing on stress, use your time to picture the experience or outcome you want to be.  Pay attention to the planning before you sit down to the project.


No one need be stressed when being creative. Try these helpful techniques if you feel the need to adjust. Namaste.





5 Responses to “Balance Your Creativity-Namaste”

  1. Jen Puckett July 29, 2011 at 3:36 AM #

    Great ideas here Veronica! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lynn Brown July 28, 2011 at 5:37 AM #

    Welcome back Veronica and taking a mental time out is so important. I never realized it until I fell sick last year with whooping cough. I was so sick it became very serious. I started to see how I needed to slow down, take heed and understand it is imperative I take not only a physical break but a mental break as well.

    I found once I let go and got away from my business and the pressure that all enveloped, i was able to see that I was getting better, although, whooping cough took me down for almost 2 months!

    Thanks Veronica for giving yourself permission, and so glad that you are sharing this. Hope others will see that giving yourself a break physically and mentally will rejuvenate and keep you healthier and happier!

  3. Roberta July 27, 2011 at 7:53 PM #

    Your list applies to many things – all getting out of stuck. Welcome back to regular blogging, the time out seems to have honed your skills even more.
    BTW – do you know that in many countries now there are no pennies or 1 cent coins any more? In NZ out smallest coin is now 10 cents and once upon a time we had a 1, 2 and 5 cent coin

  4. Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA July 27, 2011 at 3:55 PM #

    Ms. V:
    Your name today is Veracious…This is a great post and speaks truth to those who consider creativity to be a production concept.
    Creativity involves the observation of nature, inspiration to change something, and the ability to start the process.
    When life intervenes (or it’s converse), then our ability to start the process is attenuated, maybe even crowded out completely. so, we need to regroup, recharge, and reemerge as our creative selves. It is why the Supreme Being provided us the message to take the seventh day, the seventh year, and the jubilee year to recharge our selves, our families, our livestock, our farms, and our production…
    Glad to see you’re back!

  5. Leanne Chesser July 27, 2011 at 3:33 PM #

    Veronica, these are great suggestions. I love your comments about mind tricks – – there are some powerful suggestions in that section. For me, going for a walk or a drive gets me into a different mind space and always brings insight and inspiration that gets me back on track. I also love to use music.

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