Message On A Bottle

2 Jun

Brooklyn Cologne

It is TNT Thursday! 

Club Creative Studio’s Thursday post deals with a little of this and a little of that, all relating to creativity.  The weekly blog posts are a place to learn about the creative process, products or  projects.  This week, it’s a product’s package, what we initially see when we shop for cologne.

While looking through a store advertisement section recently, I noticed that the items were geared to informing  the reader of men’s products because of the fact that Father’s Day was also coming up in June.  A special section highlighting various brands of cologne (a popular gift choice) also showed me an eye-catching element…the beauty of the fragrance bottles.

It is a marketing tool to know how to gain an initial interest in a product by also placing it into a beautiful container. It is an added bonus to admire the product displayed in an appealing manner in your own home setting.

Bond No. 9, The Brooklyn bottle’s design, marks a first for the iconic Bond No. 9 brand:  They have decorated directly onto the transparent glass surface with an edgy, urban, handwritten script designed to be appealing to many hip, modern purchasers.

With the words BROOKLYN and BOND NO. 9 spelled out in a vivid array of colors, this is an example of contemporary street art with a message.  In fact, the dynamic lettering transcends the Bond No. 9 centerpiece token logo it’s meant to be enclosed in.  The curved and angled shape of the bottle itself, is also an eye-catching element. Even the tagline is inventive: “BROOKLYN WE GOT OUR OWN SMELL!”  Source: Post from BKDAILYNEWZ

A great bottle or container design can sure gain and hold your attention.  Is that more important than the fragrant liquid inside?  Probably not but, if you are able to appreciate it for art on the countertop it has double duty! 

Ed Hardy Eau de Toilette Spray

Hearts & Daggers bottle I think this one is so cool!

Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers Cologne has a complex design just like the wide variety of ingredients.  It includes Anjou pear, basil, martini accord, white pepper, papaya, rosemary, Katsura wood, suede, patchouli and sandalwood.  Perhaps the colorful label design is reflective of the unique combination of its contents.

The next time you look at a shelf of bottles displayed notice what catches your  interest.  Maybe it is the name, label design or price, besides the desired scent.  Do you find yourself judging a bottle before you pick it up?  Do you consider the shape of the display bottle in high regard reflective of the over-all item?


One Response to “Message On A Bottle”

  1. Paula Lee Bright June 2, 2011 at 4:53 AM #

    My eye was absolutely caught by the Brooklyn bottle at the top of the post. And whenever I look at glass containers, I’m usually swayed by their color. Colored glass is beautiful to me, and I have no idea why.

    Thank for the post, and your mention of Fathers Day taught me something important to remember for my own blog. I should take note of those things and try to get some products out there for myself!

    See you at #tlc. 🙂

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