Bling on My Screen

19 May

It’s TNT (This-N-That) THURSDAY!

Club Creative Studio uses this Thursday post to focus on something…anything…creative as a special highlight.

I will admit it.  I have been watching and enjoying my first season of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).  In the past  I may have caught a few episodes before but, for some reason I have found time this season to become addicted to it.  I am not a dancer.  I do however, appreciate the entertaining movements, physical dedications of the dancers, creative expressions of each style of dance, the elaborate costumes, hair, make-up, shoes and jewelry selections and yes…a bit of the drama of the show.  It is a creative experience every time it is on television.   I can imagine that the same type of excitement revolves around various athletic dance competitors in the local and international level as well.

This blog today will focus on the creativity of the bling that is commonly associated with ballroom dance attire worn by women dancers in particular.  I admit too that if I had such a physically fit body myself the added attention with the extreme sparkle, flash and revealing cuts could only revel a higher level of showing off  fitness and flare of movements.

I have noticed that men’s and women’s outfits for dancing usually coordinate in some way. If the woman is wearing a  green dress, for instance, the man might wear a green vest, tie or even shirt.  While it is true that a woman’s ballroom dance costume is often elaborate, it should also attempt to match the attitude of the dance. For a waltz, for instance, a woman might wear a long gown that sweeps to the floor, or near it to show their foot movements with elegant grace.  At the same time, the same woman doing a different dance would possibly wear a shorter skirt with sequins, fringe or ruffles to dance a Latin dance.

Talented blogger: Tambre Leighn, M.A., C.Ht., CPC, ELI-MP  | |  says:

“Dancing helped put passion and fun back into my life.  I am grateful for the gift it has given me.”

I think that “bringing on the bling” and “extreme bling” costumes can be a fun and an out-of-the-box expression of self and passions.

Picking the perfect attire is all a matter of attitude – your own as well as the mood of the music you are dancing to. The participantsof “Dancing with the Stars” have to master the cha-cha, foxtrot, jive, mambo, paso doble, quick step, rumba, samba, tango, slow waltz and Viennese waltz, and these are the most common dances found in the various international competitive ballroom dancing worlds. It can take time to find the perfect dance costume, but there are many resources  to accommodate fun, fashion, comfort and mood of dance.

T. Leighn in Rumba Dress


Tambre Leighn has also shared this photo that highlights the high style and touch of bling as she moves with the music in a Rumba dance.

It is the look and movement of a beautiful gown that adds to the passion of the dance.

Like excess bling or not- you can admit that it is eye-catching.

There is plenty of bling to share when we look to the talented stars of ballroom dancer’s dress and accessories.  It is the bling on my screen that holds my attention.

I can appreciate bling.

I admire bling.

I love opportunities that call for creating substantial statement jewelry with flash.

Now, I have a few questions. Are you into the “bling scene” or are you the “queen of bling” ?

3 Responses to “Bling on My Screen”

  1. Samantha Bangayan May 22, 2011 at 3:48 PM #

    Wow! Thank you so much for featuring a couple of Tambre’s photos in this post, Veronica. What beautiful examples for to demonstrate bling! I’m definitely nothing of a bling person, but I might be if I ballroom danced. =P

  2. Diana Simon May 20, 2011 at 4:20 PM #

    Hi Tambre,

    You look so good!! You rock 🙂

    I am not a bling person but there are some occasions where I bring out my bling.

    Veronica, great idea for this series!

  3. Tambre Leighn May 19, 2011 at 2:49 AM #

    Loved it…and not just because I am in it 😉 Giving women permission to shine is fabulous. I am a queen of bling on the dance floor, though I am really at home in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as well. Thanks for encouraging women to explore a wide range of themselves…including the bling!

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