Shapes, Stains, Splotches and Splashes

11 May


Take notice of your patio rust stains like I did and consider its beauty.

It’s “This-N-That Thursday” (TNT)! 

This post features the consideration of observing something that fits into the creative category for sure.  It calls for a use of your imagination and exploration.  It is an exercise of recognizing composition, contrast, and finding an alternate way of appreciating shape.

Make tracings of stains, or splotches you find.  Make notes about where you found them.  Work in different colors.  Try cutting the shapes out of paper and layering them to make a collage.

Source: Ingrid Calame

I have taken a few photographs of how you might look at a few common things in a different light.  Take time to notice and enjoy the details of beauty in shape, stain, splotch or splash.  Make a point to look at things around you differently.  Open your eyes to ready-made art and creative patterns.  Appreciate all that is around you that you may have ordinarily over-looked.  Happy hunting for instant art!

My fish dinner has great pattern marks.


My splashes of water created irregular designs.


Lettuce made a nice lunch and a lovely layered photograph.



Nature always supplies us with opportunities to view beauty. Take note of small sections to gain a new perspective.


Please shout out your views here!

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