This-N-That (TNT) Hop to It!

20 Apr

image from NC submission to post

It’s TNT Thursday… and that stands for:

THIS-N-THAT Thursday.  It’s the day that I highlight yet another creative idea. This post is just in time for the Easter season and something that you can try with your children on or before Easter celebrations as a gift bag or table topper.  Enjoy the post, directions and photo that were contributed by another creative person from North Carolina.

Approximate Time:30 minutes


  • white lunch bag
  • sheet of white paper
  • pink marker
  • pink pom-pom or cotton ball
  • 2 chenille stems
  • 2 wiggle eyes or acrylic jewels
  • 1/2 yard wired ribbon
  • black marker
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


Fringe top of bag by making 2 inch long cuts about every 1/4 inch along top edge of flattened bag.

 Draw bunny teeth using black marker and white paper. Cut 2 round cheeks from white paper and color with pink marker.

Glue teeth to center of bag about 3 inches from bottom.

For whiskers, cut each chenille stem into three 4-inch pieces. Glue in place just above teeth.

Glue large pom-pom or pink cotton swab on top of chenille stems. Glue cheeks to bag.

For eyes, glue wiggle eyes or jewels to bag above nose.

If using as a gift bag, place gift in bag.

If using as table decor, stuff bag with crumpled paper. Twist top of bag closed; secure with wire just below fringe.

Tie ribbon into a bow around bag, covering wire; trim ends.

Cut two ears from white paper. Curl ends using blade of scissors. Glue each ear to each side of bag at fold.

Wouldn’t these be adorable with names assigned to them to represent everyone’s place setting at the table?  If you have many people over to enjoy the day, this can be a craft activity and you can assign the older children to help the younger children do this project together to bond.  Personality can certainly be shown by being more creative with available material scraps, ribbons, buttons, beads, inks, etc.  You can also fill with candy and plastic eggs as a party favor gift for your family members and visitors.  Enjoy the day in style.


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