So…da dress is made from what???

19 Apr

It’s Two Cent Tuesday’s Post:

Two Cent Tuesday highlights a low-cost creative idea, project, or product.  Enjoy what you learn today! 
So…da…dress is special?  Why?
I love it when anyone is creative.  There is a great spark of special excitement to me for any young person that can take creativity to a new innovative level.  When times are tough from economy, geography, or physical limits, we tend to get creative to challenge what is in front of us and find ways to express what we need to.
On Facebook, I was reading a post that included an interesting link.  How inspiring, fun, and definitely something that would blend nicely with a post on this blog about creativity. 
This Two Cent Tuesday post is perfectly matched with a creative person’s contributions that highlight a particular low-cost idea making a home-made dress.  The site that featured this information was: the photos also came from this site. 
Enjoy the photos and the soda can tab dress.  So da  dress IS pretty special.  Do you agree?
REEDS SPRING, Mo. — Junior Maura Pozek made her prom dress this year from pull tabs from soda cans. She spent more than 100 hours weaving 4,000 tabs into the dress. In 2010, Pozek made her dress from bags of Doritos.

One Response to “So…da dress is made from what???”

  1. Hajra April 20, 2011 at 7:22 AM #

    This is such a pretty dress and it has such an amazing sense of creativity and effort put into it!
    Loved it..

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