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Image: Copyright 2011 Club Creative studio

This should make your brown eyes blue.

Blue is a very popular color.  Why is blue so common?  Consider this: The color blue is symbolic in many areas of life, including clothing choices, automobile colors, interior design elements, art, and religion.  It even affects our mood. 

Although blue is even more popular in the western world than is other areas of the world, blue skies and blue water are full of positive meaning in every culture.  Where I live, many speak of the “Carolina Blue” sky and of course across our coastline, ocean blue is a very relaxing and identifying color here. 

Blue is a beloved color around the world. Isn’t is true that we are known to live on the big “blue marble?”

Is Blue Everyone’s Favorite Color?

 More people claim blue as their favorite color than any other color (over 50%). Blue jeans are the most common clothing material in the western world. Men and boys in particular favor blue. In your life time can you claim that you have had at least one blue car, truck, bike, piece of furniture, coat, or mug?  Perhaps you can answer yes to this thinking of someone else?

It is interesting to research by reading about color, color combinations, color schemes and color symbolism. I have learned that is has

Image: Copyright Club Creative Studio 2011

been said that  people who wear light blue are said to be analytical and have a practical approach to life. People who wear dark blue are intelligent and self-reliant and take on a great deal of responsibility. In any case, people are comfortable with blue and return to blue again and again. 

 This is information that is useful to me when I create jewelry or other home decor items.  If a certain color is popular and draws attention to someone then it is fitting that I offer items in the color choices that are appealing and demanded.



2011 Club Creative Studio


Multiple Meanings

 Other associations to the color blue include:  freedom, strength and new beginnings, optimism, opportunities, loyalty, faith, power and protection. Do you agree? The color blue is all around us.  Blue is commonly used in national flags, and symbols around the world to include the flag of the United Nations.  The color blue on websites to suggest professionalism and seriousness in business.  You surely want to win that “blue ribbon” at the state fair, wonder about the event that will happen “once in a blue moon.”  You may know that a person born of royalty or in the upper class is a “blue blood.”  There are many color blue associations to continue, Picasso’s “Blue Period” and singing the musical “blues.” What do you think about or feel when you see or use the color blue around you?

Religious Color Symbolism

In Greek and Roman days, blue symbolism was associated with the sky gods Jupiter, Juno and Mercury. In Judaism, blue symbolism is connected to God the Father. In the Catholic Church, blue symbolism is most closely related to the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven. In Islam,blue symbolism (including turquoise) is the color both of religion and community and is often used for decorating mosques.

Blue Symbolism and Interior Design

Thinking about using the color blue in your everyday surroundings?  It is said that light and softer blue tones alleviate insomnia, so they may be good choices for bedrooms. Royal blue is appropriate for dining rooms and living rooms, in interior design choices, and combinations of blue and yellow are often used in kitchens. Blue is also a natural choice for bathrooms due to the color associations with water.

For further exploration about color, have fun checking out the following listings:



2 Responses to “Blue By You-FEATURE FRIDAY”

  1. clubcreativestudio March 29, 2011 at 3:04 AM #

    I like each shade of blue for its specific setting: ocean blue, sky blue, blue jay, field of blue on the USA flag etc. It is a common color.

  2. Hajra March 27, 2011 at 7:04 PM #

    Blue has been our “family favorite” for a long long time…I have always ended up buying “blue” presents for all around….it does seem to be everyones favorite.
    I, on the other hand, am more of a purple person!

    Great research on the blue sensation! Forwarding it to my sister who is the biggest blue fan ever!

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