8 Mar


Two Cent Tuesday means it is time to read about a low-cost creative topic.  I share my “two cents” worth in my observations.  You are also welcome to do the same… post a comment…for this blog especially… please… DONUT be shy!  

Last Sunday at my church, the bulletin mentioned that at the fellowship following the Mass, they would be offering fresh coffee and soul cakes in the Annex.  Well, I understood what they meant by providing the fresh coffee, I wasn’t too sure what they meant when they listed that there would be soul cakes.  I think I know now it was another name referring to the donuts.  Cake for the soul: soul cakes!

national-doughnut-day image

In my opinion, a creative business like a donut chain is an awesome balance of quality, price, and creativity.    Donuts are great for a sweet tooth without being as filling as a slice of pie or a larger serving of cake or ice cream.

Today, with televised shows like Cupcake Wars and the like, you have seen and heard about creative ways to make and present a display of cupcakes.  I am sure that the same can be associated with donuts.  Maybe there will be a show called Donut Wars next!  Can you imagine a beautiful artful sculptural,multi-tiered display of mouth-watering moist donuts?  Donuts are a classic food.  A little bit of happiness to “be-holed”, sorry for the word pun!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Donuts can also be premium.  Have you ever tried a blueberry cheese cake, black soybean brown sugar, or maple almond donut?  I have read of interesting flavors such as lemon tea, caramel coconut and orange cream.  Sound yummy?

Donuts can be fairly standard size, comparable to Krispy Kreme for example but,  they can also be  substantial and far more satisfying in flavor, if they are made as more gourmet types.   If I were to make a unique donut, I would like to include fresh fruits baked within and topped with sprinkles of fresh fruits.  I would also like it to be baked and not fried as a healthier alternative dessert. On the wild side though I’d love a fun flavor like cotton candy and cream!

In Tokyo, Japan there is a  place called “And on And”.  They offer what they call the Patisserie Donut.  You get a maple syrup filled donut covered in whip cream and crushed nuts with a shot of espresso on the side. Pour the espresso over the top and dig into possibly the best, and likely only, high-end donut experience.  They also offer peanut butter fillings, pistachio flavors and, other such flavors as green tea black soybean and caramel custard.  Man oh man this is making me hungry! 


I have come across a few interesting kitchen items that make the chore of donut making much more easy.  First, this donut baking pan is a pan that you pour your batter into and bake the dough instead of frying it.  Sounds good to me.  You can also make twelve donuts at a time with this item!  The next item I discovered was a donut maker.  It is also an alternative to a deep fry method of making donuts, making six donuts at a time that may be a bit larger.


So, it seems that we can buy the kitchen supplies to create donuts, but there is a step two in the process of creating a most interesting donut appealing because of the first visual impact it makes.  If you owned a donut shop, what would be your prized odd flavor?  How would you top it off to be visually appealing?  If you respond here by comment, please be sure to use your name to credit yourself in the post.  We wouldn’t want anyone to take your flavorful ideas and make a million or two off of your brainstorm creative efforts.  Make it good, share your imaginations!  Thanks for your “tasteful” thoughts!


4 Responses to “TWO CENT TUESDAY-Soul Cakes Rule”

  1. Kristen Robinson March 11, 2011 at 1:15 PM #

    What a neat concept on the doughnuts as soul cakes! Love it!

  2. Leona Martin March 10, 2011 at 3:40 AM #

    Not sure I should feel good that as I was reading I was getting sick by the different kinds of donuts. 🙂 I would rather like a plain donut over a fancy filling one.

    What a neat way to call donuts…”soul cakes”.


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