2 Mar

Well, well, well, talk about learning something new everyday… just for the “heck of it” while thinking of what I was going to post for sure on the Club Creative Studio’s “THUMBS UP THURSDAY” post, I went to Wikipedia to get some information.  This is what I found out:

I had never stopped to think about this before and I am wondering if I should change the title deemed “THUMBS UP THURSDAY”. What do you think?  Suggestions?  Should I even bother to reconsider?  If you come up with something clever, please let me know by comment.  I will appreciate all of your submitted thoughts on this matter.

The aspects that need to be conveyed in a name change are as follows in the list below.  Thanks for your help today.


  1. Typically reserved and dedicated to a favorable product, project, event, or shared information
  2. The post information is worthy of passing along, because it is useful or interesting, creative or unique
  3. Appeal to the approval of many, fostering an urge to take an opportunity to “click” on the thumbs-up icon
  4. Grouped together under a nice catchy phrase or title that deems it special and is self explanitory

Please shout out your views here!

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