14 Feb

Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s a special occasion.  It’s February 14th.  What a day.  Is it special for you?  Are you expected to be on the constant look-out for any opportunity to bare your heart and soul?  Are you willing to wear your heart on your sleeve?  Are you excited to express your passion?  It’s wonderful to show that you have heart, to  share what is stored deep within. 

When I display the characteristics of dedication and drive, others know that I have a heart for what I do.  Everyday, I want to dedicate time for expressing love of what I create.  I consider myself to be very lucky every day that I get to express love, passion and creativity all at once.   

Why do I love creating, sharing, and giving?  What makes it worthwhile to be creative everyday?  Well…

I love creating because  it is a great release of energy.  It is an expression of my visions.  When I share my art, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to also share my God-given talents with another.  When I dedicate time producing art, it is an opportunity to give others an artistic awareness and appreciation for what they see.   Sharing my expertise helps others grow just as much as it helps me develop.

The motto I have adopted is: Be Creative Everyday.  It is because of that mantra that I can continue to have a heart for what I do each day.  On Valentine’s Day especially, I am rewarded by creating, educating and sharing the creations of the day.  I know that I spread smiles and I am happy to know that I contribute to making people happy today with my art.  It’s another good day in my neighborhood.  I hope that you can say the same.  Have a heart, give a gift that is symbolic of love of the artistic process.


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