Creative Juice for Creative Freedom

10 Feb

Creativity is a natural part of everyone.  It really is an innate aspect of us.  We just have to find it within our being if we think we are lacking of it.  To help us with gaining an abundance of  “creative juice”, we have to be willing to “go with the flow”. 

To illustrate what I want to explain…first think of your morning glass of  orange juice.  Thinking of that O.J.?  Great! 


Envision the process of pouring your initial glass of the beverage.

First, something sparked your interest to get that glass of juice in the first place.  You had the idea to enjoy the refreshment and you planned on getting a glass so you could pour yourself a drink.  You already know that you enjoy the taste of orange juice, so you are accepting of the anticipation of how it will satisfy your thirst.

You realize that you can always pour more, if  available and that it has many beneficial qualities that make you feel energized.  Finally, there is the sensation of happiness from learning that you can share the orange juice with someone else.  This opportunity is gratifying to know that you have made someone else happy by quenching their thirst.

When it comes to finding and gaining creative freedoms you can revert back to your morning glass of orange juice for comparisons.

Here’s how to obtain creative freedom:

The reason you want to gain freedom in your creativity is because you want to not be inhibited in your ideas and processes.  Learn to let go of any precluded inabilities, personal blocks, or harsh critiques and your creative expressions will flow more readily.

Comparison:  You want your ideas to flow as freely as the orange juice does from its container to your glass.

Starting simple in your process is key to the initial feeling of creative freedom.  No need to spend money on art supplies that you are not familiar with in the experimental stages of a new art form or medium.  You can get satisfaction from creating on a small budget. You can express creativity with a simple slip of paper.  Ever hear of origami?

Comparison:  Even the smallest amount of  juice can quench your thirst.  

Pace yourself at first, and search for your motivation.  If you draw from your past experiences,  you may recall a pleasant successful experience that will serve as positive creative energy.  Your creative desires and expressions should be a comfortable place to visit.

Comparison:  Don’t drink too quickly or too much as to get “sick”.  Taking an opportunity to enjoy every sip will allow you to savor the experience.

Accept yourself and steer clear of self-doubt, unrealistic goals, unnecessary comparisons and anything that gives you a limiting feeling of:  “NO”, “DON’T”, or “CAN’T”.  Realize “YES I CAN” and “YES, I WILL”.  Hang out with a supportive group for encouragement.


Sharing juice will make you feel good, just like sharing your creativity does!



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