The A-B-C’s of My Online Emporium

6 Feb


Many descriptive words came to mind when I recently asked a few prior customers for their input describing Club Creative Studio art. I have compiled a list  based on their responses, implementing single words that are representative of each letter of the English language alphabet.  I am thrilled to have such great word associations resulting from what is visually known or pleasantly discovered after ownership of one of our hand-made art items.  Thanks for your contributions, friends.

A- Artisan

B- Beadwork

C- Custom

E- Eclectic

F- Funky

G- Global

H- Hand-made

I- Imaginative

J- Just What I Wanted

K- Keepsake

L- Lovely

M- Magnetic

N- Nicety

O- One-of-a-kind

P- Pretty

Q- Quaint

R- Recommended

S- Stylish

T- Timeless

U- Unique

V- Veronica’s the artist

W- Wunderbar

X- E”X”clusive


Z- Zippy

If you are new to our art, styles, or craftmanship…this may help you relate to the characteristics of our products, through the eyes of  others who recognize the value of our art. If you are someone who already owns a Club Creative Studio item, perhaps you too will  agree with this list.

I am encouraged to continue to offer fun and functional items that incorporate hand-rolled clay beads, hand-torched Italian glass beads and the new addition of hand-sculpted silver charms mid year. It is my pleasure and passion to BE CREATIVE EVERYDAY and share ART THAT SETS YOU APART on a daily basis.  What a rewarding  job I have as an artist…giving many the opportunity to smile and appreciate the time and talent that goes into each unique piece of  jewelry or home décor item.  It is a blessing, to be able to make the world a more beautiful place!


One Response to “The A-B-C’s of My Online Emporium”

  1. Hajra February 7, 2011 at 10:18 AM #

    Loved zippy and recommended!

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