>It’s Not Easy Being White

27 Jan

>Call it white, grey, or silver, however you described it, if you are getting older- you are noticing it in your hair.  It’s not easy seeing yourself become white-haired, grey-headed, or silver-sprayed.  So, what is a person to do if it bothers them?  That’s right…add some color to your life!  What is life like at the end of a rainbow?  These models may know.

I won’t name the name of my source or disclose who they are speaking about but, a friend of mine once told me about someone close to her that did not like to see the appearance of her grey hairs popping up from time to time.  So, her solution was to use a black sharpie marker to touch up her stray hairs and bring them back to the correct natural color of black!    Now, you can’t beat that for creative thinking can you?  It had never crossed my mind to do such a thing.  I’ve got those type markers all over the place and I  include many shades of swharpie brand markers to include metallic.  Well,  all I can say is that the markers are deemed “permanent” so, maybe, just maybe that suggestion is a great alternative to denying grey hair appearances.  It is so very economical at the same time!  I wonder if my purple and red markers could create the look in the photo image here?

Although I have never gone to that extreme, I was told by someone that “highlights” or “low lights” are cheating as it is actually considered coloring your hair.  And  up until recently, I was proudly able to state that I have not colored my hair to cover up grey yet.  It got me thinking  that covering up silver strands can be done in more creative ways.  Obviously, I was not alone in this thought, as there are many who have investigated the more creative side of hair colorants.  A few quick Internet searches can prove that.

If you want to bring a little more color into your look, get colorful rainbow hairstyles, highlights in lots of neon colors.  Although I have not seen people walking around with this display in my neighborhood, it does not mean that these colors are not out there.  It is eye-catching, unique, and creative.  What more can we ask?  Would you consider adding rainbow colors to cover up your white, brown, black, blond or auburn locks?  It is an option!  Is it easier than being “white”?  It certainly is more creative.

For these photo examples I turned to the site:  becomegeorgous.com.  These images seemed to illustrate exactly what I am trying to convey- that you have the option to color your world and you can look like a beautiful and rare rainbow if you want to instead of bland old white. 

Are you inspired to reach for the rainbow?


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