Classroom On My Couch

26 Jan

One word: I N F O R M A T I O N.

Knowledge is power and reading blogs, writing blogs, responding to blogs  and passing along blogs are part of this whole (new) information exchange with technology.  It really isn’t any different from visiting the places you usually frequent for your informative or fun articles, tips, and personal stories or takes on life.  It is different from radio, television, books, magazines, school, even talking face to face with someone.  What is different is that you can obtain so much information in a matter of minutes sometimes seconds, and reach people from all over the world.  All from the couch.

Blogging can change your life too!

I find myself using valuable time (when I am unable to sleep anyway) to browse through my favorite sites or discover unexpected or new sites of interest.  I have not the luxury most days to actually sit to read books so, for me quick information often can spark me to expand and search out what interests me to further investigate a topic of interest.  I can always find time to elaborate in one area after the initial spark of knowledge.

Discover blogging and its many enjoyable parts. Writing, reading and sharing are the valuable parts of blogging to me.

The Writing Aspect

Blogging is a great creative outlet.  If you are not used to putting your thoughts into black and white, it sure forces you to condense, clarify and communicate in a different way.  I don’t have to type fast, I don’t even have to spell well, all I have to do is think of a topic and run with it.  That is the first creative step.  it is very satisfying to let go of your creativity.  Call it freeing, call it sharing…whatever you identify with, the writing process allows you to get out what you think, know or feel in print.

The Reading Aspect

Reading blogs has opened up my eyes to new perspectives from others in the same subject matter and in relating and unrelating fields.  I have enjoyed discovering and following people who I have found interesting.  Reading blogs has become like a classroom on my couch. In the comforts of my home I learn.

The Sharing Aspect

Blogging has become a great tool in spreading the word about a subject that is near and dear to a blogger’s heart; their field of expertise.  In my blog, I focus on creativity.  My choice topic can encompass  many aspects, so right from the start I am able to write and quickly pass along information and entertain ideas about creative ways. It is at almost lightening speed that your particular words can be “out there” for people to learn, laugh and connect and identify with.

 For me,  blogging has added  new levels of appreciation in my mind.  First, I recognize the efforts of other bloggers out there.  Secondly, I feel it has added a personal touch and professional touch to my business. I had not considered taking the steps to consistently write a blog prior to being  approached by a friend to get involved with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The supportive, informative and challenging task involving many with the same goals has been rewarding and habit-forming.  I hope that I can continue to write, read and share blog information after this 31 day exercise.  It really has changed my life in ways that have been beneficial to my personal and business live.

Thank you to Michelle Scism and Michelle Shaeffer for your innovative ways to spark, encourage and support bloggers.  Your efforts have guided many and have sold me on the benefits of blogging.  Challenge yourself by visiting has changed my life!  Blog on, share your creativity.


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