>Split Decision- Color Theory Lesson

24 Jan


Copyright: Club Creative Studio- Hand-rolled clay beads.

I love bright, dominate and bold color combinations.  It is often reflected in the hues of the beads I create. The use of split-complementary color combinations in my color palette offers a bit of “pop” to the overall look of my beads. 


If you are trying to decide on the color combinations to use in your creations using fabric, paint, thread, clay or the like, then consider a mix of an analogous and a complimentary color palette. I don’t usually stop to plan out what colors I will mix my clays into.  But, sometimes when I refer to the color wheel. I find inspiration in a split complementary combination.

To create a split-complementary color palate, you look to the color wheel and start with one color and then add the colors that are equally spaced on each side of its complement.  For example, if you start with violet, the complement color is yellow (color directly across from the first color)…you will be adding the colors of yellow-green and yellow orange as additional colors to your working palette.

Matching a cool dominate with warm complements, using bright colors, giving unequal weight to color tones will emphasize the main color and provide contrast in your color choices.  Experiment with it, and see where it leads you.


Please shout out your views here!

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