Please Pass The Passion

23 Jan




I am serving up a heaping spoon of passion today.  Do you want a second helping on your plate?

We all have full plates when it comes to managing our lives.  When you squeeze in time for your creative side of life, do you satisfy your appetite and have enough passion left over to share with others?

Strive to provide yourself with the opportunity and inner thrill to share your creative passions.  Recently, I was contacted by a local reporter, asking if I may want to be featured in the business section of the newspaper.  It was a great opportunity to indeed  “pass along my passion”.  It served as fantastic timing to inform others in what my art offers the public.  With a new year, and new ambitions, this was to be a memorable experience to speak about my art in more detail.  Knowledge is power.

The photographer and reporter’s second meeting, held in my studio was an opportune time to have someone observe over my shoulder.  Although that was a little unnatural to have people behind me while I was working, I could still sence their amazement when I was not even in view of their expressions.  When I was able to look up and turn around to continue a conversation about the creative process, they only had more questions and were very much caught up in how I made art in my step-by-step process.  They quickly grew to appreciate growing from point A to point B.  That is a factor in my art that I love to experience on a day-to-day basis myself.

Being able to demonstrate your creative steps, and speak about your passion in person is a wonderful activity.  If you are confident to show your skills, work-method, and creative thought process in action, someone WILL appreciate it, and in turn will happily pass along what they know to be your passion. Ever so often you have a chance to put yourself  “out there”.  I suggest that you do just that…put yourself in a position to be able to share what you love to do.  Fill your plate with times that you can share more information about who you are and what you can do for them.

I have always believed and have said often that: VISUAL ARTISTS NEED TO BE VISUAL.  We need to have our art viewed so that we can share our visions.  Share your passions in generous proportions.  The more you share, the more others will share information about you.  You are in constant introduction of yourself.  There are many people in this world and you can start to meet them one-by-one.  All you need is the time and desire to share your passion.  Inform others of what you love to create and you will  surely grow to love what you do even more as well.


Please, pass your passion.                                                                                                     

Continue to stay hungry to inform others about what you do best.

Share your creativity.


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