Creative Cooks- Don’t Reach Boiling Points

20 Jan

I may be creative in many ways but ,when I am in the kitchen, my food is not one bit creative.  Let me give myself one bit of credit before I write more, my Christmas cookies at least are the only items resulting from my kitchen efforts that are decorated in the most awesome ways.  So, how can I change this?  How can I create a more artful, attractive dishes on a day-to-day basis?

In my research, apparently it takes a little more effort than merely sticking a charger under a plate for a holiday meal.   I want to focus on how to accent your food on a plate with garnishes. My food will look appealing…even if it is not tasty. 

Must Have:  Why am I surprised to learn that to begin you must have the right tools?  I appreciate knowing  that like any type of art- you need to have the right equipment to do the task at hand more effectively.  Jump-start your creativity into high gear.  Don’t get to the  boiling point where you are frustrated have faith that you can become a creative cook…or at least have your meal look more appealing.  Below are a few suggestions for a kitchen tool box.

 Apple Corer it’s that wheel-shaped tool that is like the one stuck in the back of one of my kitchen drawers.  It is great for cutting an apple and takes out the core.  It is said to be great for also cutting vegetables such as carrots, although I can not picture how this is done, personally.

Brushes I am definitely sure that chiefs do not want my old worn paint brushes used in preparing a meal.  However, a child’s small paintbrush (like the size found in school paint kits) are helpful along with the standard pastry brush.   

Candy Molds, Butter Curler, Butter Paddles-each of these tools apparently forms and shapes butter.

Citrus Stripper-this tool cuts a thin strip of peel from citrus fruits or other fresh produce products.

Decorating Bag– (parchment cone) used for cake decorating piping tasks.  I have seen this used to place filling into deviled eggs too…what a difference in presentation. 

Grapefruit Knife– use of the jagged end makes great texture marks on a product.                            

Hand Grater-a double sized one provides two sizes to shread.

Small Cookie Cutters- (yeah! I’ve got those) these can be used to cut horsd’oeuvres, used to cut shapes in bread. 

Melon Baller-the one inch size is recommended to be used the most often to shape fruit into a ball. 

Scissors- they are snipping scissors used to cut small sections like green onions.  Larger scissors are specific for poultry or tougher, larger jobs. 

Skewers/Toothpicks used for stacking fruits, vegetables and meats, also for securing. 

all images 2006 Pub. International. LLC

Wire Strainer-(sieves) good for sprinkling powder sugar and cocoa over foods, like fallen snow.

Enjoy becoming a creative cook.  Good luck in making  presentations more memorable.

 And, if you look in the back of your kitchen drawers you may find tools that you did not know you had or did not know how to use.


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