>Out of the Box- Out of this World

15 Jan


Awesome!  What word do you think of when you discover someone who has produced an “out of the box” idea or  product?  Are you amazed at what prompts people to be so creative?  Those out-of-the-box creative thoughts and actions can be so inspirational. 
Several months ago I came across a few examples of inventive art.  Artists were using unconventional mediums and both had unique items because of that fact.  The artist Tom Waites has a series of art that is produced using the innard tape of a cassette tape.  It is a great visual produced from a recycled item.  A creative use of what is not normally considered to be an art supply.  Judge for yourself the level of creative thinking his art represents in the following images.
Artist, Erika Iris Simmons created:  Albert Einstein – Space-time cowboy. Recycled 8mm film on canvas with reel and clock parts. 2009

Bob Marley in progress – Sometimes the process
 is as beautiful as the outcome.
Bob Marley – Great start to the year! The cassette case is painted very lightly, so you can still read
“Bob Marley and the Wailers : Birth of a Legend” on the case. Cassette tape on canvas, 2010
The Dude Abides. – VHS tape on canvas, 2009
Fernando Valenzuela made entirely out of the innards of a single baseball actually used in a game. http://ubersuper.com/fernando/
You can’t help but be inspired to want to do something creative with an item that has little or no use to you now right?  What item might you think of using to recycle into art of another fashion?  Get the creative spark from these examples and start your creation today!


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