>Seek, Foster, Encourage,Embrace Art

12 Jan

>Creativity is a great motivator because it makes people interested in what they are doing. Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea. Creativity gives the possibility of some sort of achievement to everyone. Creativity makes life more fun and more interesting.- Edward de Bono

Creativity is such a great subject to blog about because there are so many aspects one can focus on.   In this post, the above quote is a great place to springboard from.  You can read this with yourself in mind or with someone else in mind.  If you plan to implement some ideas for yourself,  it should easily be easy to adapt the suggestions to fit an individual.  I do however have in mind the particulars of development of a child’s creative mind.

If you have children, or are associated with them- you should consider having the goal of helping a child become more creative.  Don’t rely or wait for them to have a classroom art teacher in the traditional sense of the word.  Although there are many great art teachers, YOU as a primary force in their life must be the first line of education.  It begins at home.  YOU have the power to be the generating “spark” to creative thoughts or suggestion of a child in their artistic encounters.  If you need guidance or reason on how to do this please, read on…

Providing hands-on activities and opportunities for making creative decisions is a great start to fostering a creative mind.  Art, (particulary visual arts) IS a great motivator.   To be able to seek and discover creativity IS great for everyone.  To be “hands-on” you have got to keep your hands moving.  To be moving…you have to be willing to experiment.

Start by always having supplies on hand for your creative experience.  Having access to supplies is fuel for the fire. A single pencil and paper are always standard and inexpensive stand-by items. If you have limited funds, be creative in obtaining those supplies.  Find free stuff: discarded magazines, wall paper sample books, empty cartons/containers, scrap materials like yarn/fabric/papers, etc.  Create a “craft drawer” with a mixture of any discarded items that can be used in a project.  May I suggest adding to the draw from time to time as to encourage new discoveries.  Items to include should be age appropriate and be sure to include a vast array of items like perhaps a lost sock,  buttons, milk jug lids, plastic bag ties, safe but broken toy parts, stickers, glue sticks, roll of tape, safety scissors, beads, etc., etc., etc.

Collaborate with others to gain more inventory choices or access to supplies.  If your neighbor is a scrapbooker- she’s got rubber stamps, and cool scissors right?  Can you work out a swap situation or loan locker arrangements of sort?   If you have a pal that likes to sew, there’s your source for a mirage of scrap supplies.  Do you know someone with another creative hobby?  Do you know a woodworker, a cake decorator or a dancer with specific talents who is willing to demonstrate their skill for inspiration?    With money tight all around, don’t forget to frequent the shelves of a local thrift shop or dollar store for low cost items that can also be safely used for all types of art projects as well.

Take advantage of free or reduced priced introductory classes at a hobby store, craft store, art studio, ceramic warehouse, workshop or workspace near you.  Look for retail stores that offer child-friendly (easy and appealing) suggestions for projects or lessons to help facilitate creativity with their pre-made kits (which are less costly than buying all of the suggested supplies yourself).  Consider that some larger more expensive supplies can be rented like a kiln or wood working tools/saws, if there is a need to explore those options.

Art is a subject matter that requires involvement at the start.  Any allowance of freedom or expression can open the doors to all sorts of approvals and acceptance situations.  It is for this reason that being involved in an artistic project at any stage provides encouragement and hope that anything is worth a try, anything is possible, and anything can be a successful experience. 

Explore creative possibilities, or teach someone else to do the same. Seek to be creative.  Foster creativity of yourself and in others  Encourage creative thoughts and actions.  Love art and the creative process.  Good luck and  I hope you become Creative Everyday!”


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