>Hungry? Feed Your Artistic Tummy

12 Jan


Are you hungry?  Have the need to feed your creativity?  Tired of being a starving artist?  Crave a fast, satisfying way to curb your appetite and thirst for creating?  Time to fuel up, gain energy and become mobile with finding inspirations.
The best visual cafe is located  right around any corner.  It’s a place where you go to get “soul food”; the nourishment for your creative tummy.  Inspiration is virtually everywhere.  You do not have to go far to find it.  Look around.  Soul seek in obvious places and find and consider the over-looked settings where you can go to for inpiration or work space.

Some obvious choices for inspiration:

  • magazines
  • art/craft books
  • craft store
  • websites, message boards, forums

Other places of inspiration:

  • museums
  • galleries
  • historic places
  • public gardens (nature)
  • blogs, groups, clubs, networking events, school, workshops

Overlooked inspirations:

  • flea markets
  • antique stores
  • thrift shops
  • old books, library
  • fabric store
  • art/craft fair
  • listening to music
  • attend an art retreat-creative vacation
  • your dreams

Join forces with the community in which you live.  Feed your ideas.  A new outlook equals a new vision- now that’s food for thought!


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