>Oodles of Doodles

11 Jan


Do you spend time making oodles of doodles?  It is not just a waste of time.  Actually, they are a terrific exercise to help you become more creative and remain more creative. Your thoughts become more imaginative.  It becomes easier  for you to brainstorm  new ideas and the exercise of doodling unlocks your creative mind to be free to explore creative fun.
Doodles are very simple lines that become drawings that eventually evolve into other images.  They may start out as a few meaningless lines but, after adding your own lines – and color if you like – your drawing becomes anything you like. The point of  a doodle is not to create art, simply to use your creative vision.   This vision is often unplanned but it can have great outcomes.  They are fun to do and you can see yourself evolve and your thoughts unfold almost before your eyes, as you create doodles.

When I was younger I used to play a game that involved doodles.  It was mainly a “car game” but, it was adaptable whenever two or more gathered.  Low cost, you only need paper and a writing instrument.  A simple line is drawn on the sheet of paper by one person, then the pencil and paper is passed to another.  The second person adds an additional single line to the original line drawn and then passes it back.  The image that is a transformation from the first line drawn is part of a collaborative creative process.  The “players” feed off of each others vision.  It is fun to see what the final outcome turns out to be.  It may be a totally nonsense image or it may end up being a recognizable image that together  you both build upon with combined doodles.  As an example, if a few lines turn into the outline of a house,  each of you may recognize that and your additional lines become details of that house.  It may end up having detailed shingles on its roof, curtains in the windows, a mailbox in the front yard and so on and so on.  The outcome will show creativity in all aspects.

When you become creative with visual brainstorming activities like this you are collaboratively generating ideas without using the spoken or written word. It’s a fantastic exercise.   To spice up the game, you may add colored  markers and find that a sort of masterpiece is created in the end after all.  Create oodles of doodles and see where your creativity takes you!

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