>Building Blocks To Creativity

9 Jan


 Building Blocks to C r E a T   v  I  t y

Please believe it- we are constantly being creative.  A three year old is being creative  using crayons on paper.  We are creative when we paint on a canvas.  However, creativity doesn’t have to focus on the visual arts.  You are creative when you exchange garlic salt for cayenne in your latest recipe.

All you have to do to be creative is forget about being ordinary. – Veronica Campos-Hallstrom

The general public tends to think of creativity as an unplugged talent that strikes only a few gifted people.  Maybe famous people are the ones that come to mind even before others who are creative around them.  Creativity is studied by researchers.  They find evidence that creativity levels are determined by how a individual knowledge combines with concepts to create new perspectives.

Creativity does not come without thought.  A deep well of information must be sorted in order to be open to ideas and gain a desired result.  You can always develop your creative skills and knowledge for creativity.  Ideas away from the ordinary can become almost automatic and available whenever we need them if we practice looking at the project at hand differently.

Using a relaxed focus or what is referred to as “moodling” becomes an important part of the creative process as well.  We have all had the experience of forgetting the name of someone or  item we were planning to add to a shopping list.  The interesting thing about long term memory is that when we practice in a creative and relaxed way, we are triggered to remember it a few minutes later.  To be creative means to combine ideas, focused effort and synthesis of knowledge.  Creativity may be a joyous experience, in the creative state we are open to suggestion and risk.  Fostering creativity brings productivity toward goals and satisfaction with accomplishments.  Let’s use the image of a child playing with wooden blocks.  How are they being creative?  They are focused, relaxed and not afraid of failure.  Once they have completed their construction or project at hand, they are satisfied or they start being creative once again. It can be endless creativity! Your kids can make just about anything he dreams up. And instead of asking your child, “What did you make?”, say “Tell me what you made,” you’ll be surprised with their answers. I know, I had those children myself and I taught them in a school setting as well.  Children are born creative- we need to regain it as adults.

If we practice and remain creative, there will be less barriers, no frustrations and more successes.  It will allow you to reach deep inside yourself and challenge you.  Creativity is a process of transformation.  When you seek a creative life- there is no looking backward.  You live life forward.  Hip-Hip-Hooray to  being known as a “Forward Thinker” from now on!


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