>Growing Up Artistic

5 Jan

>I  appreciate being raised in an environment that was not suffocating of my imagination.  I grew up loving art.  I might not of had every supply on hand,  but, I did have exposure to creativity of others and continual educational direction and guidance on how to keep it in my life as a form of self expression. 

Not all persons are as fortunate to have a great jump start in loving the arts.  It is for that reason I hope everyone and anyone can change that or make it possible for change in their life or their child’s life.  Art and creative thinkers are valuable to our society and we need evident creativity factors in our lives now and in the future.

The wonderment of how a person gains interest in creativity can be a science. It triggered my own curiosities in learning what the reasons were behind why I went on to gain a more focused education in that subject matter?  Why did I specifically seek out to teach within the visual arts field after college?  Why do I continue to use creative expressions in my everyday living?  Was it because of the positive experiences?  Was it because of the support in using and developing creative energy?   Was it just genetic?  Was it because my education at the Catholic schools I attended which developed the whole child and focused on the learning experiences that fostered and introduced every part of my being?   Perhaps, a fantastic combination of all aspects contributed to the creative person that I am today.  Whatever started, fostered or continues it, I consider creativity to be part of my life today.  My personal mantra in my art business: Be Creative Everyday is where I strive to remain day after day…creative.  It is pure joy to have the opportunity to live and share creativity, and express the creative process that I encounter each day of my life.

The gift of human imagination is valuable.   Consider it priceless.  I feel confident that I was the best art teacher I could be when I spent time in my classrooms throughout the years.  I take pride in knowing that as an art committee member,  I contributed ideals that are now considered part of the art curriculum for the Archdiocese that I taught in.  I made sure that my art students had fun while they learned history, technique and discovered their capacities.  I am thrilled to know that many of my former students have continued their educations to include art as part of their focus as well.  Daily, I continue to look for inspiration, creativity and imagination around me and I smile when I encounter or discover it.

The embedded video below is interesting, funny and informative. It features the views of Sir Ken Robinson of England. I first saw it on the post of blogger  Digna Whitehall, PA, United States on her blog: Autumn Blues Reviews.  I had a very different experience with private school and art from what she writes. I did not experience the same “hollow feelings” she mentions from school growing up. I viewed the video as a great learning tool for awakening education of the arts into more importance.  I do not personally hold an educational institution responsible in whole or in part for the lack of educational experiences one received.  I credit instead, the outside factors of a supportive family, learning environment, attitude and encouragement of creativity set in place before the years of formal education began as success to my creativity cravings.



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