>OH… Now, I See

4 Jan


Several years ago when I had my eyes checked, I was so excited to possibly get the news that I needed glasses.  I very much wanted to be able to wear a fun and funky accessory and take on a new style that was seemingly more “artsy”.  I was going to be so cool!
Oh… the visions I had of modeling colorful styles, a sleek frame, any welcome of a look that I could call attention to an artistic personality.  I was so prepared and willing to add the fashion statement to my wardrobe.  I was ready to transform myself.  I could hardly wait.

To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Much to my surprise- the doctor pretty much informed me that maybe I would be in need of glasses in five years but, not then.  I could not believe the results and practically begged for reconsideration.  I was insistent in my mind that I should be able to see more clearly than I was at the time.  I was shocked and then disappointed.  I felt no relief at all from the fact that I had healthy vision.  I just wanted to wear glasses for goodness sakes!

Several years passing from that initial vision test and now being much older, I have a new concern.  I actually need glasses and I do not want them!  I have felt the sting from the realization that I now require vision aid!  This time in my life, I just feel plain old!  I could care less if I look any more “artsy” than I already am.  Admitting I can see better now just means that I am old and my vision is the first sign of going down hill from here on out.  It is depressing, really.
Well, while the need for real glasses is limited (at this point in time)  I do appreciate that my improved vision is a huge help in my creative day.  My bead-making takes less time, I am more focused and my product details are more clear to me as I create for hours at a time.  As it turns out…I now see much better.

OH…I see the whole picture much better now.  I see that change is good in any form and most times for the better.
The best vision is insight. -Malcolm Forbes

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