>It’s Not Funny…But It Is

4 Jan

>My mother is just getting a taste of computer technology by today’s standards.  She has finally gotten a facebook page, has learned how to navigate to my business website and has cute animated graphics attached to her personal e-mails.  She really thinks she is hot stuff.  And…she is… compared to some.  But, if you ask me there is more for her to learn.  Way more.

image by OCAl

 A few months back she called and asked some odd questions.  She spoke very quickly giving me no chance to interrupt.  At first I could not figure out what she was talking about and could not figure out why she was asking such strange things. She was ranting on about wanting to offer help to my son.  She wanted to buy him paint and nails.  She asked if she could help with some chores.  She raved about the things she was reading on his facebook posts. She had asked me questions like: why didn’t anyone tell her that her grandson bought a farm?  What kind of shape was his land in that he needed to make so many repairs?  She didn’t think he knew how to care for horses let alone paint their barns, so she wondered who else was helping him.  Silly questions to her.  To me too- until I realized that she was seeing the FARMVILLE posts and did not know it was a sort of online game!

Technology is a blessing and a curse.  There is always something to learn and something to explain.  Good luck to you with the learning aspects, better luck to you in the explaining.  I try to focus on how technology has helped me and how it continues to help grow awareness of my business.  Utilizing it is a great way to express creativity.


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