>What If…Ask the Q’s and Get the A’s

3 Jan

>Curiosity is good and questions take courage.  Ask questions to learn and share your new-found knowledge with others.

Ask yourself this question:  “What if…?”  What if you could own something that no one in the entire world would ever have, wouldn’t you feel special?  Wouldn’t you value that item for the worth it contains?  What if the one-of-a-kind item could also be on display for people to admire and comment on, could you share the details of your discovery with excitement?  What if your item was so affordable that you could easily begin a unique collection or share in gift-giving to others, would that make you happy?  What if these situations were real, wouldn’t that be cool?  Final answer:  YES!  I have created ways to make this possible for you!  Everyday, I am taking creative steps to produce: Art That Sets You Apart!

This situation IS real.  Anyone that gets or gives a hand-made item from Club Creative Studio can answer all of the above questions with a resounding YES!  You can own something that no one in the entire world will ever own because each hand-made item is one-of-a-kind, hand-made and never duplicated. You can value the artistic characteristics by knowing that each hand-rolled clay bead or hand-torched Italian glass bead incorporated is unique and created by a talented artist just for you.  You can be excited about sharing the details of how your art was created and the steps it took to expedite into existence.  You can afford to treat yourself to art that will set you apart from the normal mass produced artistic items around in the local stores.  Club Creative Studio art is accessible online with secure and easy payment options available.  Please, visit the site often as inventory changes because each item has a one-of-a-kind limited status.

Please shout out your views here!

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