>Sweet Serendipity

1 Jan

>Sweet Serendipity!  The word means to “dip” into life with serenity.  Serendipity is closely related to creativity in that often you may set out to create one way and in the process accidentally discover a different way that works better for you or your art.   It can end up being a meaningful part of your whole creative thought process or progress.

Serendipitous connections with people or your creative projects can open up your eyes to lead you to a whole set of circumstances. 

Club Creative Studio’s 3-D pendants.

Sometimes, when not expected, you will naturally bend in a direction that may first seem accidental.  It is a discovery in growth and your creative spirit being set free.

It took me nearly a year to reach “sweet serendipity” on a recent project I had been involved in creatively.  This is what sparked me to write about it here in this blog.  I want this short story to inspire you to step back or take time to creatively work through challenges or roadblocks, even if it may take a year or more!  I first formulated what I refer to as my “square beads”.  They are small one inch by one inch creations that start out on a flat base and then are built up with layered art clays, textures and finally paints and a finishing gloss.  When I first started making them I envisioned each square to be linked to another, completing a bracelet.  It seemed like a really cool vision and possible to do on top of that.   What I soon learned after having a sizable pile of these small squared art sections stocked up was that it did not work the way I thought it would.   I did not throw away the small squares because I knew deep down that I would find something to do with them at some point.   As I mentioned before, it took almost a year to pass before the new idea came to me on how to better utilize the creations.

After I took the time I needed to reassess the art and it’s function for me,  the revisit to it was an awesome ‘aha’ moment.  About the same time that I discovered a new medium on the market, I immediately knew how I was going to incorporate my ‘new’ square beads.  By also combining my time-tested methods to this new project, I gave birth to the successful results of Club Creative Studio’s 3-D hand-made bezel pendants.  Looking back, it is a far cry from the bracelets I initially set out to create.  I love creating these one-of-a-kind necklaces now.  Give yourself the gift of time that may be needed for critical analysis to overcome your obstacles and gain the sweet feelings of sweet, sweet, serendipity.

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