>Measure Up to New Heights

1 Jan

>My physical stature may be a mere five foot tall frame but, my creativity height makes me a giant!  How can I grow even taller in creativity?  It is not only a talent…it is a skill.  Around this time of year we all think of the visions of sticking to a routine that will make us grow into a better person.   Maybe it is to eat healthier, maybe it is to act in a more favorable manner.  Whatever the goal, we have to make adjustments to get that growth.  Creativity is both inborn and learned.  What does not come naturally to you may need to be practicticed.  We feel the need to grow in creativity when life around us is flat in flavor and we feel that our actions can step things up one notch higher.  Do you want to become a creative giant?

Do you have a creative buddy? Sometimes artists are known for being a “different breed” and for those reasons, we don’t seem to always see things the way the norm does.  I have found it extremely helpful to seek out other “artist types” or highly creative people in guilds, groups and businesses.  Being in contact with others with creative minds are helpful to fuel and stimulate my own creative ways of thought.  Gather with like-minded folks to grow and develop your creative ideas.  You will not regret having that support system to bounce your creative ideas off of from time to time.

My cat Nymbus is sometimes a fixture in my creative zone work area.

Do you have a creative zone?  Do you have a special place to visualize your goal?  It doesn’t have to be a rented studio loft or store front on main street.  You may utilize an end of a small table, find a quiet nook, or use your outdoor patio or garage. A nice space or separate room will allow you to focus and routinely spread your creative wings in thought.   Your creative zone is the space where you know you can expect great creative thoughts, actions, and productive products.  I have a cute wooden plaque that reads:  “Mom is crafting…go ask Dad!” It serves a a fair warning that when I am in my designated creative zone- I may want to be alone with my creative thoughts and project at hand.  It’s ME time!

Consistent creativity tests will make you automatically and painlessly used to the challenges of looking outside of the box.  When your mindset has no boundaries, there is no limit to the creative endeavors you will want to both discover and develop.  As a rule of thumb- if there has to be any level of rules here- use tactics for your benchmarks.  In other words, if you feel like trying out a new product or technique take your time to learn a bit first.  Maybe, you want to experiment with a new medium – let’s say oil paints instead of acrylics.  You surely do not want to invest your hard earned money or time jumping into getting the needed supplies and then later find that you do not care for the medium.  Take small steps when you are creatively trying something new.  Take time to research a product or technique before you decide to jump into a new venture with your whole heart.  This does not mean that you are starving your creativity.  This does mean that you can be just as creative taking small bites of new information so that you can properly digest and successfully enjoy what you are learning in your new creative experience.

Seek out “creative buddies”, spread out your supplies in your “creative zone”, and be prepared to challenge yourself with use of your creative bursts of energy.  You are sure to sprout in a higher degree of creativity if you allow yourself to grow!


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