>Terms In My Trade

1 Dec

>I use techniques in my art that are included in a wide range of traditional and contemporary methods, with varying degrees of skill level difficulty.  When I create, I am not tied to a certain method but, I do demonstrate what works best for me during a process.  The most important ingredient needed for any project you do is enthusiasm and patience.  Skill is also essential but, that can be learned. 

A general rule for being dedicated to a project from start to finish would be to first take time to visualize the steps you need to take in order to get to an outcome in the end.  Once you have visualized your goal, you can prepare with research, and then experiment.  I experiment daily especially with design concepts and hand color mixing of my clays. Sometimes the simplest color combinations convey the most complex contrasts, it does not always happen automatically or naturally.

I have many samples, drawings, design boards and memo boards that serve as part of my planning stage.  I feel that I have learned to work confidently because of my past experiences and my own intuitive love and application of color and self assurance of my talents and skills. 

Another aspect of great importance are environmental issues.  How do you tackle concerns and bi-products of making your artful item or incorporating it into your method of creation? Are you able to find products and materials that are biodegradable, or low-waste items?  Some of my freely available tools are multipurpose.  Reusing old spray bottles for spritzing water, recycled spice containers for storage, a few thrift store knitting needles or other unique items for clay working tools,  broken common household kitchen items for textured effects are just a few that I have to mention in my studio.

Realize that everyone has a different style in taste and a different creative style.  Allow yourself to appreciate the basic concept of imagination. Your personal interpretation will flow in as part of that creative process. Have fun creating!


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