>Storage for the Storage

6 Nov

>There are times that your storage system takes room and then you have to make room for your storage system plus the items you need to store.  What do you look for in storage?  It may be important to have a system look good, fit properly, take up as little space as possible, be portable, be stackable, and of course, hold the things you need to store securely.

I found, by accident a great system for  adding to my storage and organization.  It fits many characteristics that are favorable for holding many items close at hand.  At Target, near the stationery aisle, there is often times a discounted area.  This is where i found these collapsible boxes.  They snap together and stack well.  The available colors were bright and bold colors and the snaps on the sides make for portable storage as you need it.  I paid only $2.00 per box.  the original price was still manageable at $3.00 per box.

If you are looking for new storage, look in this section of a store from time to time, as well as in the home ware section where plastic bins or other containers are.  You may find a great fit for the size items you normally work with.  It feels great to have things stored attractively as well as easily.  Best wishes for finding what works the best for your crafts.

This system was offered in bright colors and included a window for adding identifying content.  It has silver tone details.

The flat box is pre-folded.  It is easy to form by folding upward and pushing snaps.
The box snaps are fashionable and the finished boxes stack well for display purposes.
When not in use or for waiting use, the box can easily collapse again…great find! 

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