>Dreaming for a Reality

8 Oct

>If you have a creative mind you already know that it does not come with an “off switch”.  The right-brain users are commonly also lacking of sleep because of  it.  I am one of those, and I try to find ways to help me control the streaming information and ideas that come into my mind.

I keep notebooks around.  I have one for the home and one for the car.  I jot down ideas when they pop into my head and I cut and paste visuals if I do not have the time to process or act on them at the time.  It frees my memory and it also is a sort of documentation for reference later.  

When you have dreams, ideas, inspirations, goals and eventually projects in the works, you have a constant flow of information that needs to be sorted.  When your dreams are finally your reality, you can look back on the notes taken and appreciate the creative steps the journey has taken you through.

Take time to save your best thoughts and keep them in the forefront to more readily help put your dreams into real time.


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