>Working With Distractions

3 Oct

>It is difficult at times to juggle the many elements of any given day that you would ideally like to be more controlled.  It is difficult in today’s life to remain focused.  Everyday, we are challenged to work with the distractions around us and to work with the distractions we create for ourselves.  To make a few suggestions and allow for the possibility of helpful considerations, I offer a few ideas.  I do not have a ton of answers for how to remain on task or not be overly distracted for too long but, it is a process that can be put into practice. 

I have a friend, Kristen of KRDesign, which is a Strategic Marketing firm that has a system that may also work for others.  Her day is organized and blocked out in specific work times (task oriented times) which she expects herself to adhere to when possible.  This chart is placed in a book that is seen often.  There is no real difference between this list and having a calendar with the same information placed in it but, it is a written routine that is pre-printed out.  It reminds me of my high school class schedule.  We had a “block schedule” that included the same classes on a rotation in the week.  Taking time to plan the day will be a less likely excuse to veer from it.  The main reason that it is a great idea to plan a day is so you have that “vision” of productivity seed planted early when you awake.  We know that the mere start of a “bad day” can turn your entire day upside down.  Knowing what is in store (to a degree) can be controlled and anticipated with producing a day of satisfying progress.

Here he is, the reason why I  am posting this particular blog.  I introduce my kitten, Adidas.  What an added joy to my life and…what an added pain to my day as well.  First off…who can resist a cute ball of fur like this?  I use our kitten to some extent, as a well deserved “break”.  He becomes too overwhelmingly adorable at times that I have to actually stop work in the studio to take time to cuddle.  I would not do this in the day if it weren’t for it’s existence. I might think that without him, I might be more productive. It takes time out of my day and diverts me from the task at hand.  However, it is my responsibility to care for and love the pet that we have taken into our family. It turns out though, that he is a type of therapy for me and my work day. Instead, I am finding myself taking and using the down time as a time to recharge- even if it is just for ten minutes.  That gives me returned focus and a bit of urgency to get back to work at the same time.  It works for me…to a point.  The only added distraction is when the kitten discovers that he wants to be my assistant.  His attempts are usually not appreciated by me.  Hopping on top of a half way completed design or scattering beads to the floor is not progress to me.  It takes a bit of time to redirect him or pick up the disorganized mess made.  I deal with it altohough at times I feel like a have an active and spirited two year old child in the house working along side of me.  the kitten will not be a kitten for long, so I will appreciate him and wait patiently for the day that he becomes a friendly lap cat and will do nothing but sit on my lap as a welcome distraction.  Find your focus prompts, recognize them and adjust to grow from them.  Best of luck for progress!
-Club Creative Studio.


One Response to “>Working With Distractions”

  1. KR Design October 7, 2010 at 9:55 AM #

    >Thanks for the mention! I do believe that distractions help you get away from your work so you don't get burnt out. Happy planning!

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