>Mini Canvas Series

3 Oct


The mini canvas series is a new category addition to the Club Creative Studio online items that incorporate hand-made beads and other elements.  They are small stretched and primed canvas creations measuring two and one half inches by two and one half inches.  Each item is one-of-a-kind and has various artful techniques used to complete the whimsical style or theme.  They are available for quick and easy display because they arrive with a simple wood display easel that perfectly fits the canvas size.  They are considered a mixed media item and are one-of-a-kind designs perfect for gift giving.

If you are wondering where one may place such an item, there are many suggestions to consider.  It provides a perfect splash of color for any small spot.  Any nook or cranny can be transformed by a focal point with art added to it.  Create a special place where art is displayed and appreciated. Highlight a bare spot on a shelf,  use as a decorative detail in a office waiting room or business space.  It will provide charm to a desk in a dorm, and brighten up the decor of your recreational camper.  Your art may contain and is not limited to containing hand-rolled polymer clay elements, office and craft supplies,torn papers, hand-painted and hand-stamped areas, charms, vintage jewels and other miscellaneous objects.  Unique and petite. All canvas creations are priced afforably at $22.00 USD each. Each canvas is signed by the artist on the back as well. You have the option of also hanging this mini canvas on a flat surface such as a wall or attach a small magnet to the back side to adhere to a metal surface of your choice such as a refrigerator or a file cabnet.

Please shout out your views here!

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