>The meaning of METROCHIC

15 Sep

>In an attempt to describe the term that you may have heard and are seeing on the streets today: the “Metro chic” look, I will tell you how I see it: “corporate-girl-gone-wild”  look.  And, I love it because once again Club Creative Studio offers items that fit into that category of style.  The trend is energetic and experimental, with a bold dash of color.  “Urban Cool” is the look that is inspired by the sights and sounds of a city that never sleeps.  Jewelry trends now are imaginative and beautifully daring as they are fun, ultra feminine and have a slight edge as a twist.

High on the visual appeal in clothing for this trend which is predicted to carry over into 2011 is the pairing of silks and denim, and pearls and leopard print.  With that visual in your mind, you can now add the ideas of combining the metro chic jewelry characteristics.  Faux gemstones, opulent and transparent stones, edgy motifs which are ideal for turning heads and textured designs which create unique and polished looks. 

Metro chic combines resin and acrylic faux gemstones mixed with semi precious or precious gemstones.  You will also notice big singular bauble clusters of faux gemstones used to dress up an outfit and add a touch of elegance.  Collar necklaces, link bracelets and chandelier earrings are included in this mixture of urban cool. 

Celebrities in particular appear to be indulging in motif jewelry.  The specific trends spotted are of snakes, flowers and birds.  The theatrical piece that you will spot quickly is a grown-up accessory with a child-like name: Bib Necklace.   The bib necklace is an instant style of color and material.  The over-all design is bold, large and has texture with eye-popping appeal.  Theatrical necklaces are created using multiple strands with large clustered beads, pearls, semi precious, or precious stones.  The major presence in this season’s shows. For those of you who enjoy a subtler style with a daintier and less dramatic look, a small but no less intricate and stylish appeal is also great and less super sized than a runway version.

When you think Soho, Madison Avenue, Broadway, 5th Avenue and Central Park, you are thinking of metrochic. Remember that Metro chic is the bold clash of color, shapes,  and modern details- the vibe that is city-inspired but can have a focus on snakes, flowers and birds as spotted on many celebrities.


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