>Full Steampunk Ahead

15 Aug


The new jewelry trend that you have surely noticed by now is referred to as ” SteamPunk” or “Industrial Chic”. If you do not think that you know what this style is, you will… once you know the components found in the steampunk designs.
The parts and pieces that make up this style are just that: sections and elements of other items. Steampunk has characteristics of being industrial, quirky, uncommon, unusual, mysterious and interesting to the point of curious and comical. This style surprises viewers of the unexpected elements and highlights a diversity of “vintage charm”.
The style includes but is not limited to the inclusion of items such as gears, springs, watch innards, old typewriter keys, buttons, rhinestones, hardware nuts, bolts, washers, wire, old photos, partial watch plate connectors, collectible odds and ends. Miscellaneous items that are found in a junk drawer or old tool box can be used in this art for example; old keys, charms, toy parts, dice, pottery shards, shells, lucite beads, antique tone beads, bottle caps, and loops. Basically, anything that has a vintage or antique feel to it is suitable for an authentic steampunk creation.
Steampunk style should relay a thought-provoking attitude, and a concept capturing essence of age and history. The color scheme is usually from the variety of metals used. It is an over-all eclectic look that embodies funk and mechanics.
Although the look may seem to be a little rough around the edges, that is the draw of this style. The main concerns from the artist in creating a steampunk design is obtaining a pleasing arrangement that is balanced in color and visual weight.
So, tackle your junk drawer(s) to unveil some miscellaneous treasures to be used as elements in your next creation in the steampunk fashion and popular-culture phenomenon. Some artists, like Club Creative Studio will gladly consider using your collection of “junk” to create a unique custom signature piece for you. Although this is not a “new” idea, as the steampunk movement has been around since 1987, you can place your own personal twists in the designs you create, or allow others to create for you in this wonderful style we call steampunk.

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