>I Make it, You Love It, You Wear It

30 Jul

> This is a great example of a necklace made from Club Creative Studio that would look gorgeous with a lacy, white top for instance. Because it is dotted with a splash of colorful beads and sparkle sequins, it gives punch to a simple over-all look.

Wearing “theme jewelry” (as pictured below) gives one a festive and purposeful feeling to their fashion statement. Here, there is no question in your mind that the person wearing this appreciates ocean critters and they want you to know that!

To accent a top like a flowing tunic, there is a matching style that seems to compliment very well; anything with length.
When you look at jewelry, you get an instant reaction. Most of the time you decide right away if something fits your taste or does not. When I created this piece, I should have noted my personal mood. To me, this is reflective of a playful style and feel. It would look great wearing something casual, funky and fun with a go-with -the-flow evoked feeling.
A big-bead necklace may add an extra dose of color to a patterned wrap top. The accent color often blends with a pattern even it it is a “busy look” in your mind. The chunk-style necklace is always fun to wear because it shows a bit of boldness.

There are many opinions in the fashion world. We all draw upon what the experts suggest on the run-way and from what we end up seeing in the department stores we frequent. The fact remains that we buy what we LOVE. Generally speaking, we LOVE what is comfortable and eye-pleasing. Use the few ideas I mentioned with each of our photo examples. You will allow yourself to test if a certain style works for you, and agrees with your own personal taste in wearing or sharing our jewelry.

Thank you for wearing and sharing our Art That Sets You Apart!

Please shout out your views here!

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