>Giving A Hand-Made Gift

30 Jul

> Club Creative Studio offers solutions to a person who is looking to give a gift that has hand-made and unique qualities.

It is a tradition for some to recognize a certain time of the year for a majority of their gift-giving ventures to occur. But, I am writing to tell you something that you may or may not know…gift-giving has more than a season. Everyday in itself is a reason to give someone a gift. The gift can be given to yourself as well as other important persons in your life. We generally give gifts to people who have value to us.

When I sit down to design beads or jewelry, I really like to plan and I think of what someone may like. I plan the colors and the designs with the general public in mind. I may also have a specific custom request desires in mind or I may have a general look in mind that I create to appeal to an established fan or someone not familiar with our work yet.

The main reason of TRADITION is what we may be most familiar with in terms of why we buy something for someone.
It may be your tradition to give a gift for other reasons or to give a gift for no apparent reason. Both great habits to have.

Gift giving and giving something that is hand-made in particular provides an opportunity for one to creatively affirm personal bonds to their special friends or to people who appreciate the value of owning something unique. For me as an artist, it is a way of sharing my skills with others. I love to give gifts of my designs and I love when others do so as well. When you give a hand-made gift, you indicate that you are willing to put in the time and efforts for that person. If you give art as a gift that was created by an artist, you share support of that artist that created the unique item for your gift-giving occasion.

You may have been on the receiving end of being a customer who has been gifted a token of appreciation. Maybe you have received a promotional gift from a business in appreciation of your support. Companies share with employees for valuable contributions at the workplace. It is a great reason to share in the gift-giving spirit, especially if not expected.

Gifts also mark milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, special calender holidays, religiously recognized days, and other such occasions like special events including graduations, retirements, promotions, etc. Gifts are given for accomplishments. Winning the spelling bee, breaking a personal best record or reaching a long fought after goal. A gift is a great way to reward behavior. An additional opportunity for gift-giving is to give a gift as A CAUSE. We may be fortunate to have all we need and a comfortable life but, what about those who are not as fortunate? We can use the gift- giving occasion to bring ease to someone in a difficult situation.

Continue to have the gift-giving spirit. Your actions do not need to be extravagant or costly. Online shopping makes this option very convenient now-a-days because the payment options are easy, and the delivery can be done quickly for you. Club Creative Studio also considers the importance of their product presentation. We supply the added special touch by including a hand made, one-of-a-kind, protective fabric pouch for the safe-keeping of your purchased art. The gift bags that hold your treasured hand-made beaded item is also color coordinated for your completed visual gift.

The photo attached to this article is an illustration of a recent gift I made for a friend moving away from my neighborhood. The sea glass used was a valuable item I used to in turn make her a beautiful gift by which she may recall her times spent living by the east coast. Farewell and following seas to my friend and her family Keep in touch!


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