>Artists…might be strange after-all

30 Jul

> You know you are an artist when…you go out and you are always stopping to notice the things around you.

I hate taking a dog out for a walk. Any type dog, on any length of a walk. I like the outdoors, I don’t mind a stroll around the block. I HATE a constant stop and go motion of walking a dog though. If a dog likes to take one step, then stops, then takes another step, stop, sniff, take another step, stop, sniff, look around, go, stop etc. I go crazy! Get the picture?

However, if someone does not know me and watches me walk with my family…anywhere…I act like that same dog that I hate. I am the one that has to always take a small step, look around, take a photo, go in closer for another look, stop to feel, appreciate the composition of an object and tag way behind. No one likes to wait for me. Everyone is embarrassed to see me take a photo of something that is seemingly so ordinary. My family is sort of used to me after all of these years. What I might find interesting will never hold the same interest to them. So, they chalk it up to the “Artist” in me and leave it at that. Even if I explain why something has caught my eye, the experience is in the eye of the beholder.

Artists have a different mind-set. And I think that instead of explaining that fact, I will just continue to be me and have others continue to wonder what it is that makes me think that things like taking photos in the car while going through the car wash is so darn visually interesting because of the patterns the water and soap combine to make on the windows!

Please shout out your views here!

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