>Something Similar

16 May


How do you stand apart from the crowd when you purchase items in the same market place as everyone else? Easy…the solution lies in choosing something that “Sets You Apart” and is never duplicated. The unique qualities of Club Creative Studio’s creations are ALWAYS one-of-a-kind.
Value knowing that no one else will ever have the same item!
Many do have similar tastes about a particular color, style, theme or design that we already have produced. In these cases, we strive to create something similar but never in duplicate. How do we keep track of that? Easy… after each creation, we document each piece with photos. Your creation is copyrighted upon completion. Exact duplication is not a issue because our beads and designs are completely original. With our hand-made items, there is no risk of anyone else making the same beads. They simply can not do the same just as we can not do the same after our beads are gone.

One reason why our beads are created in limited quantities, is that we do not want to allow ourselves to create items that have the same components, look, or feel. It is essential to remember that variety is key. It is the reason why we say that our Club Creative Studio has Art That Sets You Apart! It does not matter if we speak of one of our jewelry items, or something else that incorporates our beads…it is always unique, festive, and hand-crafted.

A few words about custom-made pieces: Isn’t it a pampered feeling to know that something was created specifically with you in mind? Basically, everything from Club Creative Studio is already created with you in mind but, if you have a specific request or need, we welcome new challenges. On most occasions, we can also make a change to an existing product. Sometimes, we are asked to make something similar to what may have been sold from the website. That is an easy request to fulfill. There are also times when we are asked to create something “new” from something that is “old”. We are often given broken jewelry and asked to use the components in a new creation. And, we have taken family heirlooms and created several different items from the single original item. All situations lend variety to our day and we love taking our service to the next step. It is all part of the experience of creating and sharing what we create. And it is why we always like to say: “Thank you for wearing and sharing our art”.

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