>Top Ten Reasons Why I Enjoyed The Craft Fair

2 May

>There are many good reasons for attending a craft fair, or participating in one.

1. Meeting New People– I have the opportunity to speak with art lovers!

2. Informing Others of Our Art- I enjoy sharing the informational details of the artistic process just about as much as sharing and selling the final product.

3. Supporting the Arts- It is always a thrill to learn that an artist’s time and talents are admired. Appreciating the efforts of an artist gives support to their craft and expressions.

4. Learning Experience- I use craft fair time to speak with customers about the colors they like, the styles they are drawn to and also what they desire me to create in the future.

5. Provided Services- There are many venues to interact with Club Creative Studio and I am able to pass along the information about face book fan page, updated blog, purchase methods, where to find our art, website updates and special features, and the twitter account.

6. Special Features- For the promotion of a new item line, I take advantage of this time to introduce and point out the details surrounding the particular product. It is fun to share my excitement with others about a new or ongoing project.

7. The View- Often times, I suggest to a customer to try on and view in a mirror how certain jewelry looks on them. The desired length of a necklace, for example is a personal choice and so taking the time to ensure a desired fit is important. I am especially thrilled when a “try-on” turns into an instant “model” and the customer decides to wear it on the spot!

8. Outdoor Experience- Although the weather conditions are unpredictable, having an art show outdoors seems to bring about a “fun festival feeling”. And, because the atmosphere is so different from a normal day in the studio where most functions are indoors, I appreciate the change in scenery.

9. Creative Display- Although sometimes space is limited and there are other display challenges, it remains fun (despite time-consuming) to arrange our art so that it is pleasing and functional for you to view when you visit our booth or display area.

10. Natural Lighting- The convenient opportunity of having jewelry seen in natural lighting is a plus for color accuracy against your skin tone or clothing fabrics. When you visit the website, the photos that I supply are not taken with a flash so that the colors appear as true as possible through the lens. The best situation is to be in great natural light and an outdoor craft fair setting lends itself to that great situation.

Those were my top ten reasons why I enjoy participating in craft fairs. Thank you to Coastal Carolina Artists & Crafters Guild for sponsoring two annual events that I gladly always chose to participate in.
-Club Creative Studio


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