>Motivation from the Mountains

23 Apr

>Everything around you and any place you go can serve as a source for creativity. The Club Creative Studio artists strive to be aware and open to their surroundings and the creative possibilities that can come out of a seemingly “ordinary day”.

Aspects that can make the world a better place, are right in front of you. Start by being aware of the next sight that inspires you to be creative. It is your creativity that will make the world a better place! A recent visit to a local shop filled with prom gowns for example, was an overwhelming yet satisfying few hours of gathering mental visions of color combinations both popular and unexpected. I was inspired by the prints and sequins, and thought those ideas would make beautiful beads. An upcoming trip to the mountain regions of western North Carolina will serve as inspiration for me as well. I plan to take many photos and incorporate the colors that I notice there, into Club Creative Studio’s upcoming beads. I hope to be motivated by the mountains.

I hope the mountains are further inspiration for me to incorporate a bit of natural or raw look to some future beads. Usually, I love creating using bright and bold color combinations. The “back-to-nature” ruggedness will become yet another different style offered to chose from.

The color combinations found in Club Creative Studio beads are not mixed by accident. They are deliberate reflections of inspirations drawn from my surroundings on a daily basis. I will share upcoming examples on how the gown shop and the mountains directly influenced how a series of beads turned out. It may further illustrate how the motivation went from a molehill to a mountain and the final product will reflect the sights and surroundings I experienced.

To be continued…
-Club Creative Studio

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